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The Unique Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

The Unique Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

Massage with hot stones is an ancient technique that can fill you with the pure energy of nature. The technique of massage with natural stones is based on the natural reaction of the body to cold and heat. However, the stones themselves play an extremely important role in this mystery. Some say stones are some of the oldest inhabitants of our world, absorbing the energy of the cosmos and stars, earth, and water for thousands of years. In the process of stone therapy, minerals transfer the accumulated energy to the human body, healing ailments and soothing the soul.

What kind of stones are used for massage?

Stones of different geographical origins are used, from places ranging from Peru, Argentina, the Indonesian islands, the USA, Italy, and Norway. One of the favorite tools of stone therapy is called jadeite — a cobblestone of rich green color from Japan or China. It rightfully takes the place of an emperor among hot massage stones. Jadeite is attributed to the properties of an amulet and a powerful stabilizer, able to influence the course of energy in the body.

Some points on the body respond to the touch of a hot stone, while others are activated by the action of cold stones. This is the essence of the technique. In thermal massage, basalt is most often used because it equally involves all types of energy. This stone cools down slowly, generously sharing its warmth with the person. Exposure to cold is carried out through pieces of marble.

Masters of massage say that the strength of the impact of each stone is determined not only by its temperature. The weight, the degree of smoothness of the surface, the shape, the charge, and the ability to retain heat have their influences too. 

How does stone therapy work?

Masters, who influence the patient's body with stones, always keep in mind the spiritual component of the interaction. Four elements co-exist in each stone: the power of fire and the calmness of the water, the life-giving energy of the earth, and the unstoppable wind. It is believed that on a subtle level, stones absorb negative emotions, tension and neutralize negative, disease-causing energy. And in return, they fill us with the pure energy of nature and can help beat depression. But how does this work in the physical body? After all, we are unable to see the movement of subtle energy.

The work begins with the spine, the ears, the temples, the feet, and the palms of the hands. Literally, in a couple of minutes there is a feeling of pleasant warmth, the skin turns red, the blood vessels expand. The capillary blood and metabolic processes are the first to react. This is followed by a massage with cold stones, which causes vasoconstriction, which stimulates the outflow of lymph, eliminates stagnation in the veins, and normalizes the functions of the vegetative nervous system. Indirectly the endocrine and immune systems respond to the influence, deep mechanisms of energy harmonization are activated, relaxation sets in.

Alternation of cold and heat, competent influence on certain points causes response at the level of lymph flow and capillary blood circulation. Stress, worries, and fears are released on the physical level, giving way to relaxation and peace. The body literally comes alive. Another positive effect of stone therapy is the increase in endorphins. The patient feels a rush of joy and relaxation, and the body triggers self-healing mechanisms.

A stone therapy session usually begins and ends with a hand massage. The gentle, gliding touches first prepare the skin, making it as receptive as possible to the action of the stones. And at the end, the massage enhances relaxation, supports endorphin levels, and soothes. If you're a massage enthusiast, consider treating yourself to a massage with natural stones next time to experience these unique benefits.

By Ellie Yantsen

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