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Mantra Meditation for Resilience and Overcoming Obstacles

Mantra Meditation for Resilience and Overcoming Obstacles

When you're coming up against an obstacle, meditation can help you overcome anything. When you visualize yourself conquering a difficult task or hardship, you're able to access breakthroughs in your mind and in your life.

This meditation offering for today is one of harnessing your inner warrior. We all have deeply-rooted courage and perseverance in us. It may not feel like it at this moment; if you are currently battling a personal storm. But, this meditation on confidence will offer up an opening for you to eventually recognize your warrior within. The mantra offered in this meditation is one to provide comfort, clarity, and confidence. These elements aid us in the journey of believing in our own self-worth and revealing hidden confidence that may be shadowed by trauma or distraction. This is not an easy road to travel. Some days will feel better than others.

To recognize your inner warrior you must travel inward and this mantra meditation will be your guide. Wherever you may be on your journey right now, each day offers us the opportunity to begin. We can truly start whenever we want. The universe is always waiting to welcome us and to walk alongside us.

If you need to tap into more confidence or connect with your inner warrior, this simple meditation can help you, in just a few minutes. 


Find a quiet place to meditate. You can light a candle in front of you too (optional). Use a meditation cushion or bolster and come into your posture for your practice. Softly close the eyes or have a soft gaze off the bridge of the nose.

First, notice your natural breath. Where does it reside today? Is it shallow and high in the throat? Or are you breathing deep and into the belly?

Begin to envision a lit candle radiating in the forefront of your mind. Everything else surrounding the candle is dark. The only light is the flickering fire from the candle.

Slowly deepen your breaths. Breathe deeply and slowly into the belly. Inhale through the nostrils. Exhale through the mouth. Repeat 4 times. Keep the candlelight in your mind’s eye. With the eyes closed, and the candle in your mind, we will begin the mantra.

This candle here represents power. The inner power that lives in you. A power to persevere in the darkness.

Repeat this mantra silently to yourself 5-10 times: “My inner power overcomes any darkness. I am strong and unbreakable."

Feel the emotion of you as a powerful being, as you repeat this mantra. If it feels good, you can continue to repeat this mantra for longer. 

When you are finished and going through the rest of your day, come back to this mantra as many times as you need to, and in moments of weakness. You are strong and resilient.

By Christine Bowden

Christine Bowden is a Colorado-based Clinical Herbalist, meditation and yoga practitioner, and writer. Her mission is to serve her audience and community of eco-conscious and health-focused young adults, and military personnel find yoga and alternative medicine resources that provide them the support they need to empower their health wellness. 

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