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The Dangers of Back-Pocket Wallet Wearing

The Dangers of Back-Pocket Wallet Wearing

Lots of guys drive or sit at desks with their wallet or cell phone in their back pocket, but they can’t figure out why they moan and groan in pain when they stand up to leave the car or chair.

Here’s the physics: One butt cheek sitting higher than the other can trigger chronic pain in your back, hips, and shoulders, and set off foot cramps.

Here’s the physiology: Eventually, you may compress the sciatic nerve (it runs from each side of the spine down through the back of each thigh to the foot) and cause searing leg pain and numbness called sciatica. You also can aggravate the piriformis muscle (it’s near your glutes), which can irritate the nerve and trigger lower back and sciatic pain.

Here’s the fix: Get that wallet or cell phone out of your back pocket! Slide them into your front pockets or get a “man-purse.”  Also, do stretches to restore alignment and relax tense gluteal and lower back muscles.  Pilates and Hatha Yoga or Yin Yoga will help to counteract the years of sitting lopsided.

Get their wallets out of their back pockets for a month and see what happens in their bodies. Women, you’re challenge is to cease and desist with the high heels for a month. One lucky challenger will be chosen at random to win a free massage!

By Elise Fabricant

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