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3-Week Heal Your Hips & Low Back Program

This 3-week program will give you relief, strength, and support for your hips and lower back. If you have pain, sciatica, discomfort, or tightness in this region of your body, these yoga classes will help you create long-lasting improvements and help prevent future injuries. You can experience both short-term pain relief and long-term improvement of ailments in this region of your body by practicing yoga.

Tightness and pain in the hips and lower back are not uncommon. Increased time sitting, whether at a desk , or driving a car, can lead to more issues here. While everyone's pain is different in source and intensity, most experts agree that movement is healing and relieving and too much time sedentary often aggravates discomfort and tightness here. This is why yoga classes targeting this part of the body are so powerful.

These classes each provide a well-rounded and full-body opening, with extra emphasis and care for your hips and lower back. Whether you're in regular pain, or just feel tight, you will feel the benefits of a regular yoga practice.

This program is suitable and beneficial for those with even minimal yoga experience, and ideal for advanced beginners and up. If you're completely new to yoga, the Beginner Yoga 101 series is a better starting point, and if you're in serious pain the Yoga for Chronic Pain program may provide more relief.

Classes in this program are all between 15-50 minutes and are a mix of Hatha, Yin, Restorative, Iyengar, and Vinyasa yoga styles. As you explore these teachers, styles, and classes, you'll be able to find which classes provide the most relief and benefit, and can come back to them time and time again.

You don't have to live in discomfort. There are things you can do to alleviate symptoms and create lasting improvements to your musculoskeletal system. Give yourself the time to breathe, unwind, and heal and experience a notable change in three weeks.

  • Anyone with lower back or hip pain, or sciatica
  • Those who are tight in the lower back and hips
  • Anyone who wants a targeted yoga practice for this region of the body

  • 21 yoga classes of different styles focused on your hips and lower back
  • Classes to give you both short-term and long-term relief and healing
  • Classes you can come back to over and over again to feel stronger and more open in your lower body


Full Program
3-Week Heal Your Hips & Low Back Program
$ 80.00
$ 80.00
Program Items
Day 1: Strengthen, Protect, & Heal the Lower Back In this class we will be working to change our patterns using strength as well as myo-fascial release to create a new lower back experience!
Day 2: Gentle Hatha for Hips This Gentle Hatha Yoga Class focuses on hip openers to release stiff muscles in your lower back and glutes, and to help ease your mind of tension.
Day 3: Bye Bye Back Pain This all-levels yoga sequence will help bring relief to back pain by loosening tight muscles and strengthening the imbalances in our body due to our modern lifestyles.
Day 4: Low Back Love This class consist of go-to shapes to release physical and emotional tension in our lower back and hips to feel more spacious and at ease.
Day 5: Heal Your Back with Iyengar Yoga This sequence is particularly helpful for folks who have tight legs and back or scoliosis, people whose back gets sore when they bend forward in spinal flexion, and those who have spinal disk compression.
Day 6: Yoga for Lower Body Strength Not your typical flow class, but definitely a challenge for your lower body, and designed to help your hips and knees, never to injure them.
Day 7: Hip Opening Heaven In this steady and challenging practice you'll ease your way into your hips, and have time to breathe, hold challenging postures, build heat, and feel spaciousness and lightness in your body and mind.
Day 8: Yoga for Back Pain In this class, you'll start with simple and slow poses on your back, then move to all-fours and standing for from stronger back stretching and strengthening.
Day 9: Free Your Hamstrings This challenging class is designed to warm and lengthen the hamstring muscles, with a mix of moving with your breath, standing postures, and floor poses that will open and strengthen your hips and legs.
Day 10: Core Strength the Iyengar Way In this strength-building Iyengar Yoga class will teach you how to stabilize with your core while working your limbs in poses like Locust Pose, 4-Limbed Staff Pose, and Side Plank Pose.
Day 11: Rid Yourself of Back Pain This simple series of movements is designed to relax muscles that are chronically tight or stressed - if you experience any kind of back pain, this sequence is for you!
Day 12: Wall Yin In this Yin class you will be exploring deeper openings in the hips, lower back, and hamstrings by softening and relaxing into the wall.
Day 13: Iyengar Yoga: Deep Release for Hips & Legs Enjoy a deep release with this all levels Iyengar Yoga sequence that will lead you through hip openers and Reclined Hand to Big Toe Pose variations in order to open your hips and legs.
Day 14: Loosen Those Tight Hips This class will make you work for the Ahhhh, but the work is worth your time and effort, and your lower back and knees will thank you and your psyche will too.
Day 15: Correcting Pelvic Misalignments This instructional class will teach you simple, but profoundly effective exercises to address muscular imbalances and correct structural misalignments - it can permanently change your practice (and your life) for the better!
Day 16: Strengthen, Protect, & Heal Your Hips This class is challenging, but it is an investment of time and energy that pays many dividends - your lower back and knees will be very grateful for the attention you give to your hips on a regular basis.
Day 17: Therapeutic Yoga for Hips and Back With gentle, delicious movements and stretches for your hips and back, this therapeutic, calming, but energizing class is perfect sequence to start your day, or as an ideal warm up to any physical activity.
Day 18: Post Workout Yoga: Legs & Hips This class is perfect after any workout, be it a heavy leg day, a nice long run, a great ride or just a long day of sitting or traveling - it will stretch your hips, hamstrings, inner thighs and low back.
Day 19: Yoga Therapeutics: Lower Body Focus In this class, you will be guided through a therapeutic sequence to radically unlock and align the low back, hips, and legs to reduce pain and tightness, and increase your ease and fluidity of movement.
Day 20: Hip Hip Hooray In this class, we will explore a Yin-inspired practice designed to gently create space in the hips and usher out stiffness in both the hips and lower back.
Day 21: Relieve Your Back Pain This simple 25-minute stretch and strengthening practice is designed to alleviate pain and provide tips and techniques to get you back on your feet and in the game.