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The Power of Intention

 The Power of Intention

“Commitment is the ultimate assertion of human freedom. It releases all the energy you possess and enables you to take quantum leaps in creativity. When you set a one-pointed intention and absolutely refuse to allow obstacles to dissipate the focused quality of your attention, you engage the infinite organizing power of the universe.” - Deepak Chopra

If you’re ready to leave 2021 in the rear-view mirror and manifest the 2022 of your dreams, it’s vital to have a clear vision of what you want and where you want to go. This week, we’ve got some excellent classes designed to help you get centered, visualize, and set in motion the life you want. 

Often at the beginning of the year, we make a list of items we “should” be doing or resolutions to stop certain behaviors. Many of these New Year’s resolutions are vague, grandiose goals with no clear-cut path on how to reach them. Items like: No more wasting hours in front of the TV. No more sugar. No more alcohol. No more…fill in the blank. Travel more. Get a better job. Write a book. Simple lists of dos and don’ts, items to be checked off, don’t guide you toward a particular outcome.

Big goals, without clarity, are impossible to achieve. And inevitably, around mid-January, we feel defeated, and our self-esteem takes a beating because we feel we’ve failed. Instead of setting yourself up for disappointment, turn your focus within, quiet all the external noise distracting you, and discover what it is you do want. In order to manifest specific intentions, you must first be clear about where you’re headed.

One of yoga’s most powerful gifts is its ability to quiet and calm your mind. Each day of consistent yoga, meditation, and pranayama is one more step in your personal journey to creating the life you envision. When you learn to filter out the negatives and small worries taking up space in your mind and heart, you’re free to focus on what you want. And once you’re clear on your desires, each task you undertake becomes one more step in a delineated path toward your dream destination. Now that’s a list with a purpose! 

When we operate from a positive mindset, we can employ all the power of our personal energy in one direction. If you’ve got no clue what you want to manifest for 2022 yet, no worries! But we encourage you to experience this week’s classes and see what opens up for you. If you’ve already manifested your perfect 2022, that’s great, too. These classes will serve to confirm you’re on your personal intentional journey.

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