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Tips for Long-Term Anxiety Relief

Tips for Long-Term Anxiety Relief

What is it to feel relaxed? How can you get there? Focus on the solution (calmness), more than the problem (anxiety). 

While it is easy to focus on our shortcomings, like anxiety, stress, and things that feel real and impossible to overcome, the truth is we will never overcome our struggles by focusing too much on them.

Where the attention goes, the energy flows. Sure, it might be easy for someone not experiencing anxiety to say to just ignore it, but on some level, we all have the power to choose what we focus on.

Take a moment, and take a deep breath. After you’ve done that, think about what the opposite of anxiety is for you. What would that feel like? Focus on what you will feel like if you allow your imagination to explore what your energy would be like without excess worry.

Likely, you’d see yourself as relaxed, peaceful, and easy-going. There might be some other qualities that emerge. Confidence is a quality of someone who is calm and centered and not second-guessing their every move.

Stay in this focus on what you look and feel like as a peaceful and confident person. How would your life be different? Let your mind go here, and stay here in this daydream for a few more deep breaths, or journal about it.

You have the power to create this reality through meditation techniques and retraining your mind. Regardless of if your struggle is anxiety, depression, money, relationships, or anything else, you are never going to solve any problem by obsessing over it. You are only going to solve any situation, by focusing on its opposite, which is the solution you desire.

So next time you go to complain about being helpless or stuck, instead, see if you can find the awareness to focus on what you feel like, embodied as the most confident, loving, calm, and centered version of yourself.

You've got this. Envision the vision, and you can live it.

By Keith Allen

Keith is a teacher on and as well as YogaDownload's Content Director. His classes balance a meditative focus with safe alignment. He has studied from different teachers, lineages, and styles around the world, and remains a passionate and dedicated student of yoga and meditation. He is passionate about travel, leads workshops and teacher trainings internationally. You can connect with him on his website.

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