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The Inspiration Download: Interview with Pakistan-Based Yoga Teacher Ria Pereira

The Inspiration Download: Interview with Pakistan-Based Yoga Teacher Ria Pereira

The Inspiration Download interview series features different people who are bringing ideas to life and sharing something with the world that they are passionate about, whether it's through teaching yoga, creating a business, doing work in their community, creating art, hosting events, bringing to life new wellness products, or more.

These interviews highlight real people who have brought ideas to life and give real-life insight and inspiration on their processes and journey. 

Ria Pereira is a yoga instructor from Karachi Pakistan on a mission to help people love themselves and lead them towards a healthy lifestyle. She also has a passion to bake cakes and brownies to add more sweetness to one’s life.

What are you passionate about sharing with the world and why? How does this inspire you?

I am passionate about movement. Movement is therapy and yoga is my therapy. I want to share my learning with the world as where I come from many have fears regarding yoga, their bodies and wondering if yoga is for them or not.

After working with many people from all age brackets, different bodies, different backgrounds, and different mindsets, and I sense their happiness from their journey doing yoga and watch them come back to the mat in either in person or online. This inspires me to help more people understand yoga, understand their bodies, and create awareness towards a healthy lifestyle.

How does your at-home yoga practice benefit you?

At home I just flow, I know what my body needs that particular day. There are days I just do supine twists & savasana because that’s what I need. Every day is a new day for me and my body. I stay in the present and just breathe and restore.

Then there are days I follow a 30-minute online video and some days it's an hour. Daily meditation, which I used to dislike, has helped me a lot.

What are some of your favorite classes on YogaDownload? 

Warming Heart Flow with Jackie Casal Mahrou

Slow Vinyasa with Jackie Casal Mahrou

Where are you from?

Karachi, Pakistan.

How do you think where you are from or where you live has shaped you?

Born in a strict Catholic home and living in a mixed diversified country has helped me respect and have knowledge of many cultures.

What are some books you'd recommend?

Yoga Anatomy by Leslie Kaminoff 

What keeps you motivated?

Learning new things, reading, and baking.  Always learning and looking for new ways to teach differently to make it simpler for people to enjoy their yoga sessions, as not everyone I teach understands certain styles of teaching or English. Learning never ends!

Why do you think it can be hard for people to show up to yoga regularly?

Having difficulty managing their time along with busy schedules. Fear that they are not slim and not flexible or they only want to lose weight faster and prefer other ways to make that happen. 

How would you encourage someone to stay consistent in their yoga practice?

A friendly discussion to inquire about their reason for not being consistent. Change of timing by offering other teachers' sessions to fit their timetable. Making classes more comfortable by offering modifications and props as needed.

What brought you to teaching yoga?

Yoga enriched my life, helped me understand my body, the connection of mind, body & soul. Self-love: I felt the need to share this positivity and healthy lifestyle with others.

How has teaching evolved for you as you continue to teach?

I change my style of teaching as I keep learning new ways to help my students in the class. The way I explain postures and build up certain poses and flows, changes to make it easier for all to understand and feel each pose. I am continuously learning new ways and it is helping me in my practice as well as with teaching. 

How have other teachers helped you as both a student and as a teacher?

Following other teachers and attending their sessions connects me with their years of experience and teaching styles enables me to grow and be better each day in my practice as well as a teacher. A teacher is forever a student and learning never stops.

What is one of your favorite postures and why?

This is difficult to answer as I have so many favorite postures. Camatkarasana: Wild Thing pose. As I flow into the pose it opens up my heart and when I am in the pose I feel all the love and warmth flow to me at the same time I give back to the universe & spread love to all.

What is the key to feeling balanced for you?

I accept that I cannot do everything every time. I accept I am human and there days I don’t feel good or positive and it’s alright. There are days I don’t feel like doing yoga, so I bake. I try to stay grounded and learning to let go.

What previous jobs have helped you with teaching?

After I graduated I started teaching in a school and I love teaching. Then I joined a bank and did many banking courses like Time Management, HR certification SHRM, so interacting with people and Time management skills work well for me in this and career teaching yoga and in my life, so I make time for myself.

How do you have good relationships in your life and why is connection important to you?

After experiencing failed relationships I started to work on myself from the inside and once you start accepting your flaws and working on them you start accepting people for who they are. I go with the vibe and believe in soul connection. I'm still learning not to judge myself and others and it’s a learning process.

Do you like to have a regular schedule? Why or why not?

Yes, I do and I keep it balanced Monday to Saturday and Sundays are me time, and days I don’t look at my phone or laptop. Having a schedule helps me plan things and make time for new things.

What is one of your biggest blessings?

My Godparents.

What is one of your wildest dreams?

To live in Singapore and to travel the world & explore all cultures.

What keeps you grounded?

Having a sense of purpose. 

What are you grateful for?

I am grateful that I am healthy, and I am grateful for the journey I am on.

What would you have told yourself 10 years ago if you could go back in time and give yourself advice?

Divorce the guy ASAP what are you waiting for. Know your worth. Take that trip.

Who are some of your biggest inspirations and how do they inspire you?

Briohny Smyth, the yoga Instructor‘. ’"Yoga brings clarity in the chaos of your mind ."

My Godmother, Zenia Rabadi, inspired me to believe in my dreams, to work hard and never give up. “Ria You are strong, Trust your power.”

Connect with Ria on her social media pages here!


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