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Fitness 'n' Yoga 7 Day Bootcamp with Ben Davis

Fitness 'n' Yoga 7 Day Bootcamp with Ben Davis

Are you ready to kick off March with a 7-day Fitness and Yoga Bootcamp designed to have you feeling at the top of your game? If you struggle to fit in workouts and yoga, but don’t want to miss any of the physical, mental, and emotional benefits from both, this week’s program is for you. And if you’re simply feeling bored with your current routine, try this package as an adrenaline boost to spark your motivation. 

Here are 3 reasons not to miss this Bootcamp:

1. Perfect Balance of Strength and Stretch 

One of the guiding principles in yoga is Sthira Sukham Asanam, translated as saying yoga postures should be a balance of effort and ease. Learning to find appropriate muscular engagement, while also relaxing and breathing into a yoga pose takes practice. A lot of practice! This program embodies this principle, by alternately focusing on yoga, fitness, energizing, and relaxing postures. 

The fitness classes help you get stronger, which in turn will help you with proper muscular engagement during yoga. Yoga helps you remain supple so you can perform all your favorite activities, sports, and workouts for years to come. It’s all about balance. 

2. Efficient and Time-Saving

We don’t know about you, but often it’s tough to fit everything into your schedule. Between professional and personal responsibilities, squeezing in both a workout and a yoga session can feel impossible. Classes like the HIIT + Flow ensure you are doing a well-rounded workout and a complementary yoga session all in one class. Fusion classes are the perfect way to have the best of both worlds. And Ben Davis knows how to make them fun! 

3. Eliminate Guess Work and Just do it!

Another time-saving benefit of this week’s program is you don’t need to think about it. Just press play and practice the classes in the order provided and voila, you’re done. There is comfort in trusting that an expert teacher has designed this program with you, the student, in mind, with a specific goal of saving you time and ensuring that you’re achieving the perfect balance of challenging workouts, active rest days, and the all-important full recovery day

Join us for the challenge and see how much stronger and calmer you feel! 

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