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$ 82.00

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21-Day Full Body Fitness Bootcamp: Get Sculpted

Ready to get your body toned? Ready to stop merely thinking about exercising, and finally give yourself the push to make powerful changes?

In 21 days, this full-body bootcamp will transform you into the most toned, fit, confident and sexiest version of yourself. This bootcamp will leave you full of energy, lean, and empowered. Expect fun, diverse workouts, that will make you sweat and work your entire body throughout these 21 days. 3 weeks is enough time for you to truly transform your body and create momentum to be your fittest and best and create a healthy routine for yourself.

This program is full of variety, which is ideal for building strength and muscle throughout your whole body. It's never good to use only the same few muscles by doing the same workouts repetitively. Enjoy this curated mix of yoga, pilates, cardio fitness, and stretching (on rest days) throughout these 21 days. All classes are between 15-60 minutes, making the program accessible and effective whether you're busy, or rich on time. You'll practice 7 classes per week for 3 weeks. Each week will be a mix of 6 diverse fitness based classes, with 1 rest day each week, which will be a complementary class of deep stretching.

Aside from looking and feeling good, getting toned has other benefits physically. Injury prevention, strong bone density, a boosted metabolism, and more mobile and strong muscles are benefits of a toned and strong body. These support your overall longevity. Mentally, getting into shape and starting a consistent exercise routine will boost your confidence, sense of will-power, and cognitive function. Emotionally, there is a link between feeling happier and exercise, as well the opposite, with drops in depression and anxiety, as exercise increases. The bottom line is, exercising regularly makes quality of life better overall.

Treat yourself to feeling amazing and embark on this 3-week bootcamp. There is power in challenging yourself at the right times, and if you feel this is what you need to feel your best in your skin and live your happiest and healthiest life, don't hesitate. Commit to yourself and your well-being through this challenge and achieve your fitness and life goals now!

  • Anyone ready to get toned, fit, and feel their best
  • Anyone who wants to lose weight
  • All levels of exercise and yoga experience

  • 21 days of curated classes to get your entire body into optimal shape
  • Yoga, pilates, cardio, strength training, and restorative classes
  • A framework for a consistent 21-day routine, to transform your body

Full Program
21-Day Full Body Fitness Bootcamp: Get Sculpted
$ 82.00
$ 82.00
Program Items
Day 1: Kick Start Your Day In this class you will strengthen your upper, middle and lower body with some straight forward functional type movements like air/body squats, push-ups.
Day 2: Nothing But Core 3 This class includes Planks, Pilates, and a few functional fitness moves to help you maintain a healthy spine and sleek, toned abdominals. It's a perfect standalone class or add it on after yoga or a workout.
Day 3: Surya Devotion Flow This class is a brief, powerful, thoroughly light-soaked overview, and vigorous morning ritual practice, dedicated to the "true" meaning of Surya and his famous "sun salutation".
Day 4: Inner Thigh & Core Burner Get ready to strengthen, tone, and sweat in this class - your inner thighs and core will never be the same!
Day 5: Yoga Sculpt: Holy Yoga & Abs In this class you're going to sculpt your shoulders, tighten your tummy and get your heart rate up, all while stretching and lengthening - get ready to sweat!
Day 6: Summer Sculpt Flow Feel the heat, brighten your senses, indulge in the sweet rewards of this total body challenge that is sure to bring feel-good results!
Day 7: Daily Decompression This class will help decompress your spine, increase mobility, and relax your mind.
Day 8: Ninja Side Crow If you're familiar with Side Crow, this 60-minute flow with Kyle builds into 2 really fun variations of the posture that will definitely challenge you.
Day 9: Cardio Barre This class will target each major muscle group in your body and get your heart rate pumping with nothing other than your own body weight.
Day 10: Have Faith, Abdominal Strength A strong core keeps us together, and this class shows you how to do abdominal bracing and other concepts of slow-moving strength.
Day 11: Fitness & Yoga: Exercise Your Body This class contains an exercise sequence that consists of chaturanga push ups, eagle crunches, squats, a warrior 3 balancing series and a warrior 2 flow. Get ready to sweat as you exercise your body!
Day 12: Pilates Yoga Fusion Complete This class begins and finishes with Vinyasa yoga to warm you up and cool you down, and you'll work every muscle from head to toe.
Day 13: Rock Your Block Body Sculpt This shorter class incorporates sun salutations, squats, planks, push-ups and glute work, and is a great compliment to a cardio workout, or a calorie burner when you don't have time.
Day 14: Post Workout Yoga: Legs & Hips This class is perfect after any workout be it a heavy leg day for you weight lifters, a nice long run, a great ride or spin class or just a long day of sitting or traveling.
Day 15: Core Strong This class hits your core from all kinds of angles, giving it the safe and effective workout it needs to support all of your other movements on and off the mat.
Day 16: Rock Hard Body Blaster In this shorter full body workout, you will elevate your heart rate, build lean muscle, and get a rock hard body - get ready to sweat your face off!
Day 17: Core & More This strong practice, for all levels of yogis, incorporates a heavy emphasis on the core as well as all others major muscle groups of the body.
Day 18: Strengthen, Protect & Heal the Upper Body Try this class and balance the strength you have developed in your wrists, neck, chest, shoulders and arms.
Day 19: Live Limitless: Vasisthasana This class will guide you into the full expression of Vasisthasana, and help you realize you are more than your physical body and capable of more than you realize.
Day 20: Post Workout Yoga: Chest & Shoulders This class guides you through several stretches and yoga poses that will reduce the tension and tightness that can develop after a great upper body workout.
Day 21: Strengthen, Tone, & Stretch In this class you will warm up your body with yoga and then add weights to build strength and endurance - be prepared to challenge yourself in this fun and quick workout.