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Yoga for Abundance & Generosity

Yoga for Abundance & Generosity

“The fastest way to bring more wonderful examples of abundance into your personal experience is to take constant notice of the wonderful things that are already there.” ~ Esther Hicks

In the United States, we’re observing Thanksgiving this week, which is usually celebrated with gatherings of family and friends and a bountiful feast. In 2020, this type of celebration may not be possible and many people may be alone. It’s time to shift the focus inward and examine all the gifts you do have, regardless of external circumstances. Cultivating an attitude of gratitude creates more positivity and joy in your life.

Many of us can easily slip into a pattern of focusing upon what we want and desire in our lives and thus lose sight of what we already have. Yoga philosophy focuses on shifting our perspective or polishing the lens through which we view the world. Life isn’t easy––we all traverse through difficult times whether that’s illness, death of a loved one, loss of a job, or loss of love. Mourning what is gone or anxiety about what is coming can mire us in a pattern of negativity and focus on what is lacking in our lives. 

We’re not saying pretend everything is sunshine and roses. We need to deal with our stuff in order to progress along this journey called life. But by choosing to cultivate an attitude where we focus upon what we do have––the ability to practice yoga, the beauty of a sunset or the feel of the breeze kissing our cheeks, whatever it may be for you––there is always something to be grateful for. Always. 

One of the best ways to feel more abundance and love is by sharing it with others. Ever notice how often your heart warms when you are giving to others as opposed to receiving? Reaching out to someone who is going through a tough time or smiling at a stranger or paying it forward in any way that resonates with you makes a difference in not just the other person’s life, but your own. 

Another way to recognize all the gifts you possess is by writing down three things you’re grateful for every single day. What we focus on expands and the more we focus on our gifts, the more positivity becomes our default setting. 

A great way to pay it forward is to give someone the gift of unlimited yoga at home, and content that will benefit their well-being, from purchasing a gift membership for someone from our Black Friday Sale!

This week, we offer you four yoga classes to help you settle into a sense of well-being, gratitude, and abundance. 

1. Christen Bakken - Metta Meditation

2. Alanna Kaivalya - Give it Away Now: The Practice of Asteya

3. Elise Fabricant - Awaken Your Generous Spirit

4. Mark Morford - How to Get Lucky Vol. 2 : Get Luckier

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