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Energetic Maintenance Techniques During COVID-19

Energetic Maintenance Techniques During COVID-19

I am 100% on board with respecting and adhering to the CDC, WHO, and NIAID’s suggestions for staying home, maintaining social distancing, wearing masks in public, and washing hands. I am choosing to abide by the suggestions made by my governor as well as all of the medical professionals offering guidance, but as a psychic and energy worker, I will admit that I even take it a step further. 

I have found there are ways I can actually work the energy of my body and its energetic field to improve my feelings of safety, security, and well-being during a time like this, and I wanted to share those methods with you. 

Everything is energy, everything.

Just because we don’t see all energy, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Also, the brain doesn’t know the difference between what it sees when the eyes are closed or open, so I do believe that by developing an awareness of the energy around and within your body truly can help improve your health physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

The basics are Grounding, Aura, Center of the Head space (third eye/sixth chakra), and Replenishing Energy. 


I love using the description of a buoy when I am describing grounding. A buoy is a rubber ball floating on water. It is tethered to the earth in order to serve its purpose. If the buoy lacked its tether it would just be a rubber ball floating around; with the tether it creates a boundary between boaters and safety zones in the water that are no wake or for swimming. It remains centered (for the most part).

To imagine grounding you want to visualize a cylinder of energy that connects to you around your hips on the top end with a vacuum tight seal and then the bottom of the cylinder creates the same seal but to the core of the earth. It’s as if you are visualizing a straw connecting around your hips and to the center of the earth. Then for added effect visualize the suction tight sound effect sealing both ends up. Schluuuuuup!

You have now created and visualized your grounding. This is a visualization technique I learned through meditating at Boulder Psychic Institute many moons ago. There are billions of ways to ground, this is just the method I have found effective for myself and when doing energy work with clients. 

I do believe a lot of work is done based upon intention. So maybe grounding is done when you walk barefoot on the earth, or sitting on the yoga mat from a space of feeling centered, digging your toes in the sand, or fingers in the earth, maybe It is just a moment of conscious deep breaths; there is no wrong or right, there just is. 

I see grounding as a means to connect ourselves to the Earth, our mother planet, our home, back to ourselves, as well as to recycle energy and recharge, as if plugging in a battery. You can then set the intention that whatever act you do to ground your body, be it the one I described, or one you do already that works for you, that this grounding is intended to release energy no longer serving you, or energy that is not yours trying to process through your body.

I know it helps me when I visually watch energy releasing from my body and aura in a meditative space.


The easiest way to describe an aura would be to visualize a soap bubble or a bubble as if you were blowing from a bubble wand. I like to visualize my aura about two feet around me in all directions and two feet below my actual feet in a sitting position. 

To take it a step further I visualize that same suction, vacuum tight seal of my aura tucked in completely to my grounding cord, a couple feet below my feet. I like to silently own this space as mine. 

I used to teach this technique to teens I worked with in a residential treatment center. They were often times annoyed by their peers or other people working at the center, and felt like they had no space. I would teach them how they could develop their awareness around their aura, own it, and maintain it, to keep their control and accountability over their space energetically, which lets be honest, has very real abilities to help you physically feel like you have more space from others or allow you to control your internal environment to a certain degree.

The next step would be to then set the intention release energy is releasing from that aura that is no longer serving you, or that is not yours. The only energy we want in our auras is ours. Other people’s energy in our aura is recognized as foreign and ends up having us feel pretty funky or off.

The aura is something we can moderate ourselves and check in with throughout the day. Maybe you want to set different vibrational tones to your aura or maybe you prefer translucent colors or images in the aura. It is fun to experiment with. 

I know for myself it depends on what is going on for me. Today I chose to imagine a blue and pink hydrangea bush with the backdrop as a New England coastal view for my aura, and I added the vibrations of freedom, gratitude, limitless space, rose quartz vibes, self love, and wholeness.

I know for myself during the pandemic I will imagine a gold or neon blue energy layer surrounding the outside of my aura if I must go to the grocery store, or be in public if I am feeling particularly triggered, other times I don’t find it necessary. I just assess based upon where I am that day,  or how I am feeling. 

The trick is, feel free to explore, maybe for you it is pink, red, or nothing at all. There is no right and no wrong, intention with this work is where the magic lies. 

Center of the Head: Sixth Chakra (Third Eye, Ajna Chakra)

I like to close my eyes, imagine a natural environment, and then observe as if I am sitting in the director’s chair to myself. That space between the ears and behind the eyes. While it might seem like a small space within your physical head, it is actually a space of unlimited and infinite energy if you let it be that. 

I imagine that space as If I was on my own private beach looking out at calm turquoise water, sitting in warm sand, a sunny day, slight breeze with salty air, and I allow myself to energetically bathe in this, because I have found this to help my nervous system greatly. Again, our brain doesn’t know the difference between what it is experiencing with eyes closed and opened, so be mindful of that analyzer that might want to trick you into overthinking. 

I make sure there is nothing disturbing feeling or looking in that center of head space, and make adjustments accordingly. I most certainly make sure there are no other people in that space. If I notice someone in there or maybe a few people, I set the intention of watching them dissipate from the space like smoke or I visualize a gate and watch them gently and kindly leave through the gate, and then remove the gate from that space when that feels complete. Once that space is people free and feeling good for me,  I own this space for myself, just as I do my aura. 

You are the in the drivers seat. You get to decide what that center of the head looks like, feels like, and I highly encourage experimenting with different settings and seeing what works and feels good for you there. 

Replenishing Your Energy 

This can be done through self care and billions of ways, in terms of basic and simple energy maintenance, the method I am guided to describe and share is using the bubble technique. Imagine large bubbles of energy as big as you want, and fill them in with golden light, or whatever translucent colors work for you. I typically choose gold when replenishing because that is just what works for me, and I like that color as a high vibrational healing color for my own work. I then imagine popping the bubbles. When popping the bubbles Imagine that energy from the bubble is restoring, refilling, and nourishing my aura and body on an energetic level, as if you’re watching the battery on your cell phone fill up, it is a similar concept. 

Another thing you could do is fill the bubbles with vibrations you are desiring to feel. So for instance, maybe you want to fill in with relief, clarity, certainty, feeling safe, comfort, etc. Put all of those vibrations into a bubble, pop the bubble, and fill in. I like to challenge myself to fill in with 10 or 50 or 100 bubbles of vibrations or just the color gold and really fill up. 

If I am having a day I feel particularly triggered around my past, or notice I keep wanting to analyze future scenarios because present time feels uncertain, then I will ask for my energy back from the past and the future and fill in bubbles with that energy and bring it back into my preset time body.  I also like to ask for bubbles to be set to optimum health and fill in with that as well.

I am not a doctor, nor can I assure you this is a fool proof method to keep you safe, I just know it is something I have been choosing to do for myself, and it has truly helped me feel better on many levels any day, let alone during a global pandemic.

I have noticed how this has helped me as a sensitive and empathetic person to release a lot of the collective energy that I have been noticing more of during the time of COVID-19.  It is fun to experiment with, and if you are looking to try something new, why not? I do not suggest this as an alternative to the suggest guidelines put in place by medical professionals or government officials, I just see this as an add-on to the pre-existing public health suggestions.

Treat yourself to some grounding right now, with this free yoga class, suitable for all levels.

Head Up, Heart Strong with Christen Bakken

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