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Yes, What Goes Up, Must Come Down, But...

Yes, What Goes Up, Must Come Down, But...

Often times we hear the saying, “what goes up, must come down.” As someone who’s had their fair share of traumas, this phrase has been real throughout my healing journey. I call it, doom and gloom energy.

It is a fear around things being good, and then not enjoying them when they are good, because you’re too busy waiting for what is going to go wrong and screw it all up!

As I have explored this and still explore this within myself and clients, I have come to realize that yes, Newton was on to something when he said "what goes up, must come down", but no, what goes up doesn’t always need to come down with a crash landing. Transitions from one chapter or experience to the next, can be relatively smoothe and peaceful.

Rather than a Newtonian approach, what if we looked at this concept in terms of airplanes. Airplanes go up and down, and most often this is done gracefully. Maybe there is a little turbulence or landings that can have you white knuckle your arm rest, but overall flying is usually a safe and efficient means of transportation from the ground, to the sky, and then back to the ground.

Do airplanes crash? Sure, they occasionally blow up and things go wrong with engines. Planes also need small repairs or to thaw out, which can cause delays before take off. These can be pretty synonymous with our own lives. 

Yes things can, and sometimes do, go wrong, but overall things tend to be consistent, or no worse than a delay and reroute.

Every time we start something new, and enter into a new phase in our journey, we take off. The fear we experience mid air tends to be the worst part. What if I crash down?

However, what if you get bumped into first class and lose sight of the landing because you’re too busy enjoying all the amenities the flight has to offer instead?

By Angela Droughton

Angela Droughton is a Spiritual Counselor and Mindfulness Educator.

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