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What Makes You Come Alive?

What Makes You Come Alive?

Mindfulness: That popular term we hear in our yoga classes. It's used by everyone from Hollywood darlings to doctors to Buddhists these days. But what is mindfulness, really? In simple terms, mindfulness is “coming alive”. It is being fully awake in the present moment, not merely “awake” as in when your eyes and ears and nose simply perceive things, but when your spirit is fully engaged in the moment, whether by observation or participation.

But if school is dull, or work is drab, or your relationship is monotonous, how can your soul be stirred enough to come alive, to be mindful? The simple answer is this: Do what you love. What do you absolutely love doing? You know that activity or hobby that holds you completely enthralled in its grip while you’re doing it, the one that leaves you feeling blissfully peaceful or happy after spending time with it? Maybe you feel most alive when you’re practicing yoga, or playing the guitar, or caring for a child, or running, or drawing, or cooking. Then do that. Do it every day if you can. Lose yourself in it. BE it. THAT is true mindfulness.

But what happens if you search within for your passion in life, what you truly love to do, but all you hear is deafening silence and all you see is a depressing abyss? In that case, you might be expecting too monumental of an answer. Scale it back a bit. Maybe it’s as simple as practicing that one yoga pose that liberates your body and calms your mind. If that’s the closest you have to a joyful activity at this point in your life, then really feel the stretch of your ligaments, the strength in your quads, and the air fill your lungs, bottom up. And if yoga doesn't even bring you much joy at the moment and the only thing you can muster the energy to feel passionate about is lying in bed, well then, truly feel the softness of the sheets under your skin, inhale the air streaming through the window, experience every inch of your body melting into the mattress. THAT is also mindfulness.

Close your eyes and ask yourself what activity sustains your passion and leaves you feeling content, joyful, blissful even. Now, go do it.

By Anitra Lahiri

Anitra Lahiri is an avid Yogi, Yoga Instructor, mother, and writer who strives (and often fails!) to infuse all aspects of her life with Yoga philosophy and practice. Her Yoga blog, Under the Lotus Tree, is for anyone who simply wants to live a healthier, more meaningful life. Read more from Anitra at her blog -

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