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4 Effective Yoga Poses You Can Do At Your Desk

4 Effective Yoga Poses You Can Do At Your Desk

Those that have office or desk jobs may have to spend much of the day in the same position sitting at a desk. It can be too easy to ignore our bodies’ need to move regularly and experience stress and tension because of how we have sit to work. Repeating the same cycle for weeks, months, and years can lead to more serious responses from the body, causing the immune system to continually be on defense and increasing poor posture. This pattern worsens as time passes unless you are proactive and take preventative measures, like yoga.

The best way to break this cycle is to start making small changes. While there are several ways to start having a healthier and more positive routine at the office, this can be done from the comfort of your desk or chair. Below, you will find 4 of the best poses that you can do while at work and create a more stress-free workday and future. 

These poses can be done alone, targeting more specific areas as needed or done together for a quick in-office practice. Choose your desk or an area of the office that is quiet or further away from others.

Standing Seal Pose 

This is a great stretch for both the spine and the legs. Doing this pose is ideal for those that sit a lot throughout the day, giving the back, shoulders, spine, and legs a chance to stretch. This pose is also known to increase the connection between the heart and the mind, making it the perfect stretch to do when you can feel the stress coming on at work.

How to do it at work: 

Stand straight with your legs a little wider than hip-distance apart. Clasp your arms behind your back and interlace your fingers together. Take the gaze up and then dive the heart forward bending over the thighs and bringing the arms up as high as comfortable. When coming up, do it slowly to prevent any dizziness that may occur. 

Chair Pigeon

We carry emotions in our hips. Stresses at work can lead to more tension in the hips. Pigeon is a deep hip opener and chest opener, giving you a chance to let those emotions go and continue on with your day feeling lighter.

How to do it at work: 

Sit straight up in your chair, place one leg at a 90-degree angle above the other. Be sure to keep the foot flexed to avoid knee injuries. You can stay here or opt for a deeper stretch by reaching through and gripping your thigh, shin or ankle. Stay here as long as you like and breathe. 

Desk Upward Dog

Upward Dog is an amazing chest opener, helping you thrust forward your heart and is a good antidote to the posture of prolonged sitting at a desk. Use this pose to get a quick burst of energy as it lengthens your spine and brings blood and oxygen to the brain.

How to do it at work: 

Clear off a spot on your desk keeping your arms, hips, and chest forward. Step your feet, balancing your weight between hands and feet. Breathe in deeply and extend the head, neck, and chest upward, while keeping your gaze on the ceiling. 

Eagle Arms

This pose has a lot of good benefits, especially for those that do a lot of typing. This is a deep wrist and arm stretch helps tendons and ligaments stay strong and flexible. 

How to do it at work: 

In your chair, make sure that enough space is cleared in order to fully stretch your hands around and above the head. Starting from the center of your heart, breathe hands up and around swinging one elbow under the other. Breathe deeply and lift the elbows as far up your face as you can; deepening the stretch the further up you go. 

For all of these poses, breath is the most important thing. Make sure that while you are doing any of these poses you are taking really deep inhales, then emptying the lungs for the next big breath to enter and nourish the organs. 

It can be best to try and make these moves a routine, attempting to create a more positive mindset at work. By doing these moves even once a day at work you may see a big decrease in stress levels. Most of these poses are targeted to deliver oxygen and blood to the brain; clearing mind fog and helping you be the best and most productive version of yourself at work. Put your best foot forward, smile, and make your way through your workday positive and happy, with the help of yoga. 

By Akash Bhowad

Akash is a Content Writer at Diet Chart which is a leading Nutrition, Diet, Health and Fitness Blog. He is passionate about connecting human hearts through words and sharing resourceful knowledge, health and wellness tips. Through his work, he aspires to serve people, educate them and help them understand the significance of Diet, Yoga, Nutrition and Exercise to lead a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

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