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The Secret to a Lifelong Beach Body

The Secret to a Lifelong Beach Body

We all want to feel good in a swimsuit on the beach, right? 

Have you ever wondered when or if that will ever happen? Is it simply losing weight? Gaining muscle? Is there a certain body type that defines sexy health?

Could you simply choose to change your mentality and feel sexy the way you are now, without changing anything? I have asked myself these questions too.

My weight has fluctuated a lot in my life, and for most of it I have felt extremely self conscious in a swimsuit. You know when I finally started feeling comfortable in a bikini?

When I truly started loving myself.

I don’t mean just saying that I love myself, repeating affirmations in hopes that they become true, etc. But I mean I started acting like I love myself. And of course that meant, I started acting like I love my body.

I had a wake up call when someone once called me out big time on the fact that I wasn’t taking care of my body’s basic needs.

When was the last time I went to a dentist? Why hadn’t I gotten any blood work done to see why I have headaches all the time, or why I have digestive issues? Why had I let a shoulder injury take over my life for over a year, losing a lot of my physical strength and beginning to resemble a couch potato?

Sure, I was going to yin yoga and journaling, but I wasn’t truly acting like I loved my body.

When you love someone, you want to take care of them. It brings you great pleasure to do so. You treasure these moments of caretaking. You want to make it known how much you love this person.

When was the last time you sat quietly and asked your body what it needs?

I mean, sit there for like 15 minutes, asking your body with tender loving kindness, what do you need, my sweetest love? You do so much for me everyday. What can I do for you? How may I serve you today?

I invite you to try this, right now if possible. Sit there, and ask your body the above questions. 

If you were able to take a moment, or several, to tune into your body and ask it these questions, how different do you feel?

Now, what is one thing you can do today to support your body? To show your love and deep, genuine appreciation.

Arrange for it. For real, make it happen.

And once you’ve done that, write a love note to your body!

In your journal, so you can read back over it often.

Write about all of the many many things you appreciate about your body that work so well, without you having to do a single thing. Free gifts to you, in every moment, granting you no less than the gift of life.

Our bodies do not receive nearly enough gratitude for all that they are doing right. Once you let this gratitude and deep level of self love truly sink into you bones, it will begin to transform your mind as well.

Then, you might notice yourself eating foods that are going to make you feel good after you eat them. You know, the kind that will fuel your brain, increase your creative juices and give you that zest for life.

You might find yourself craving exercise for the good of this structure you live in everyday. You know, so you can get out and enjoy nature, feed your soul, and twirl your grandchildren around one day without tweaking your back.

You may find that you are in sync with the needs and desires of your body, and begin to honor those from a deep place of appreciation and love.

And because you know you deserve what's best for you! So you begin to eat when you need to eat, drink plenty of water, interact with people who make you feel loved and supported, and sleep when you need to sleep.

Next thing you know, you feel happy as a peach in your bikini!

You feel that delicious sun kissing your skin, and allow the rich minerals of the ocean water to cleanse your system, and you gratefully accept the medicine. Because you know you're worth it!

And the best part of it all? It doesn’t matter one bit how your body looks to other people. All you’re concerned with at that point is how you feel in your skin.

At that point, you’re shining. Everyone wants to be your friend.

Self-Care = Self-Love = Confidence = Sexy.


With Utmost Admiration for Your Insanely Sexy Essence. 

Your Soul Therapist,

Dia Michelle Smith

p.s. If you’d like to receive an article like this in your inbox every week, with tips and tricks for how to live your best life from a holistic perspective, go check out and sign up for the Self Counseling Club! After all, we could all use a therapist, and no one knows you better than...YOU! 

P.S. You are so worth it you know. Already. Without needing to change anything. Right now! I promise.

Feel good in your skin and start loving yourself and your body right now, with some yoga and meditation with Dia!

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