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Yoga Nidra: 1 Week Program for Ultimate Relaxation

Yoga Nidra: 1 Week Program for Ultimate Relaxation

Attention busy yogis: one hour of Yoga Nidra is like getting a few hours of deep sleep.

Yes, one hour of Yoga Nidra practice has many benefits, but its power to provide you with the nourishing effect of true restful sleep can transform your life. This practice is designed to help you learn to completely relax, delve into your unconscious, and maximize your total well being. What’s even more wonderful is that anyone can learn this practice, no matter your age, physical abilities, and current state of health.

If you aren’t familiar with Yoga Nidra, it is a healing practice of total relaxation.

Your teacher guides you into a deeply relaxed state, kind of like how you feel right before you fall asleep where you are relaxed, quiet, yet aware of your surroundings. This deep state of consciousness is profound and considered to be meditation. Usually, your teacher will suggest you set an intention or a sankalpa for your time on the mat. When focused on sankalpa, you are in the position of being able to work through emotional issues and repetitive thought patterns, while in a soothing state for your nervous system.

Whether you choose to dive deep and are seeking to heal trauma or release deep-seated emotions or you simply need to relax and can’t seem to ever get enough sleep, Yoga Nidra will work for you.

It’s an opportunity to quiet your mind, heart, and physical body. We all need tools to release stress and optimize our inner joy, peace, and happiness. Yoga Nidra is best practiced at night or in a time of day when it’s okay for you to totally relax. The goal isn’t to fall asleep, but if you do, that’s okay too!

Yoga Nidra is practiced laying in Savasana or Corpse pose. Feel free to use blankets, pillows, and props so you are as comfortable as possible. This program contains a week's worth of 7 classes from expert teachers, offering you deeply relaxing experiences, each with their own unique touches and techniques. Try them all and find practices you can return to over and over again, for incredible sleep, and sense of peace.

Treat yourself to ultimate relaxation with this 1-week Yoga Nidra program now!

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