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Easy Ways to Get Started with Manifestation

Easy Ways to Get Started with Manifestation

Manifestation works on the principle that the thoughts we have can attract desires we have. The idea is each thought we have then creates an energy flow around our bodies. The energy flowing around us attracts similar energies. So, for example, if you’re thinking negative thoughts, your energy will be negative and you’ll attract negative experience.

However, we can harness this principle to bring positive vibes into our lives. When we realise we’re in control of the experiences we manifest, we can in turn, think positive thoughts and attract positive experiences.  Each thought we have influences the energy we exude, and this energy manifests into our life experiences.

Here’s some easy ways to get started with manifestation.

1. Stay General

An easy way to get started with manifestation is to start to think generally about how you would like to feel. Once you have this clear in your head you can be more specific with your desires. Think about your tasks at hand and how you would like to feel about them. Question what you would like or enjoy about each task. For example, would you prefer to wake up early, or late? Do you like to wake up to an alarm or naturally? Think about how you would like to feel when you go about your day to day like, and evaluate your day. When you have a sense of what you’d like to feel, you can start making the little changes to feel that way, changing the energy flowing around your body, and attracting more of those feelings. It’s important to take this first step to understand how you want to feel, to begin to access those feelings. These feelings are what will make your manifestation appear.

2. Make a list

If you feel like you have a blank space when you think about what you want, just make a list. Write down how you want to feel and your desires. Maybe you want to feel happy, or healthy or loved. The specific things we think we need, like those new shoes, are just the delivery mechanism of those feelings we desire. Making a list of the feelings you want to feel will give you some clarity on what it is you actually want.

Clarity is very important when it comes to manifestation. You need to be very clear about what your desires are, lest you manifest things you don’t actually want! Think about what you truly desires, and add to your list the things that come along with it. If you’re thinking you want a new job, write down everything from the office environment to the work you want to do, the pay, your dream colleagues. Writing down the little things that go along with how you want to feel can help you gain more clarity. Remember it’s important to be completely unapologetic about what it is you want. These are your desires!

3. Practice feeling

Now it’s time to put this into practice. Take your clear desire or intention, and spend time each and every day feeling the feelings you desire. This could be done through meditation, yoga, or through vision exercises. While you’re in this state, let your thoughts guide the feeling, and let it take over the energy flowing through your body. The more you feel these feelings you desire, the more you’ll be positive that they’re on their way to you. Experiencing the happiness, gratitude or love we believe our desires will bring us is key to manifestation.

You can use a physical vision board to meditate in front of, if this help you stay focused in the feelings you want to manifest. A board can be a useful tool to remain hopeful of the things you want in your life. It’s a good way to redirect thoughts of sadness and depression into optimism and happiness.

4. Relax and wait

To truly manifest your desires, you need to chill out, relax, and wait for them to appear. This may mean waiting for longer than you expected, but if you remain certain of a positive outcome, you can wait without feeling anxious. Allow yourself to believe your desire is on the way, and trust that the universe has a plan for you. All you can do is be clear in your desires, and accept that you cannot control the timing of when it comes, or the form it will come in. So relax and trust that your desires are on their way!

5. Allow your desires in

Now you’re clear about what you want, and have started to consciously feel the feelings associated with your desires, you have to be open to allowing those desires in. This is important. You have to be open in the belief that your desires are on the way to you, without negative emotions. If you’re questioning if something is on its way, or asking over and over without belief, this can hinder you manifesting your desires.

It’s key to remove any negative feelings or frustrations that you don’t have your desires yet, as this will allow them into your life. Stay strong by practicing the positive feelings, and focusing on how good you will feel when your desires manifest. Use your list or vision board to experience positive emotions, and practice meditation or yoga when you feel those negative emotions creeping in.

This will help your feelings of ‘want’ turn into a knowing feeling that your desires are on their way to you. This is a healing process that helps you accept that you are exactly where you need to be, and the universe will soon catch up with you.

By Amy Cavill

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