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How the Moon Influences Your Mind

How the Moon Influences Your Mind

"Moon is two, the duality that is the basis for the workings of the mind and emotion. It is relationship, balance, and interchange." 
-Dr. David Frawley

We're all luna(r)tics. Isn't it wonderful to know the fluctuations of the mind are more cyclical than radical. You can better understand the aspects of the mind and subconscious by connecting to the energetic shifts within the lunar cycle.

The right + left hemispheres of the mind are activated by specific lunar days. Each side alternating like a perfectly balanced symphony, naturally conducted by the phases of the moon to bring balance between active/receptive, masculine/feminine. Actions and life force (prana) are improved when aligned with the energetic phases of the moon. One is able to draw down the cosmic nourishing powers of the moon to strengthen their mind, body, and spirit. A harmonic expansion of consciousness + vital energy (prana) begins to unfold to evolve beyond conditioned karma.

The magic lies within the breath.

Alignment of breath with the energetic cycles of the moon releases life-giving energies and the mind reflects the purity of the soul-self. The dominate nostril will dictate which hemisphere of the brain is activated.

The left nostril (Ida) activates the right hemisphere. A dominant right hemisphere is creative, receptive, more inward, magnetic, feminine, nourishing. Active external expressions diminish, such as: extended speech, time/space restrictions, and egoic/acquisition goals. Internal expanded expressions heighten, such as: greater sensitivity to sounds/tones, awareness of gradient colors, and, enhanced sensing and intuition.

The right nostril (Pingala) activates the left hemisphere. A dominant left hemisphere is analytical, logical, more outward, electrical, masculine, driven. Active external expressions heighten, such as: more talkative, greater awareness of self-others, and, outward abstract expression increases. Internal receptive expressions diminish, such as: subtle frequencies, less awareness of intonation and subtle sounds, decrease imagination and perception, and lessened sensitivity around environmental energies.

Like the intersecting snake it is the inverse-the dance between Shiva + Shakti. To synchronize your breath with the rhythms of the moon aligns you with profound renewal and life-giving energy. The two phases of the moon can be broken down into two parts. Ascending: new moon to full moon, and descending: full moon to new moon. The Ascending cycles of the moon are led by the left nostril and right hemisphere and move our mind and body into an increase of electrical and outward expressed masculine nature. The descending cycles of the moon are led by the right nostril and left hemisphere and align the mind and body with more magnetic, inward expressed feminine nature. As you can see there is a natural harmony, balancing our masculine + feminine.

Deep within we are naturally unfolding with the universal principals. To master your mind and body with the cosmic life-giving powers of the moon is to empower mind and body to become refined instruments of consciousness. The refinement of vibrations and divine frequencies.

By Geenie Celento

Geenie fosters the body’s intelligence as the medium to cultivate one’s evolutionary connection. She guides her students with a dynamic free spirit through an approachable energetic flow, focused on sourcing self awareness and inspiration. Innately curious, she is continually deepening her knowledge in Tantric philosophy, and expanding her certifications in herbalism, and the modalities of yoga. Based in Denver, Geenie holds a 500 HR RYT and attributes her yoga development to her great teachers: Kevin Durkin, a student of B.K.S. Iyengar, Santosh Powell, student of Baba Hari Das, and recently under Shannon Paige. In addition, she holds a certifications in Barre and Herbalism. Her expansive education has graciously provided the opportunity to have studied Ayurveda in India, under the world renowned Dr. Suhas Kshirsagar with the Chopra Institute & Chopra University. You practice can her classes with Yoga Download.

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