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How the Moon Influences Your Mind
How the Moon Influences Your Mind
"Moon is two, the duality that is the basis for the workings of the mind and emotion. It is relationship, balance, and interchange." -Dr. David Frawley We're all luna(r)tics. Isn't it wonderful to know the fluctuations of the mind are more cyclical than radical. You can better understand the aspects of the mind and subconscious by connecting to the energetic shifts within the lunar cycle. The right + left hemispheres of the mind are activated by specific lunar days. Each side alternating like a perfectly balanced symphony. Naturally conducted by the phases of the moon to bring balance between active/receptive, masculine/feminine. Actions and life force (Prana) are improved when aligned with the energetic phases of the moon. One is able to draw down the cosmic nourishing powers of the moon to strengthen the mind/body/spirit. A harmonic expansion of consciousness + vital energy (Prana) begins to unfold to evolve beyond conditioned karma.