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5-Day Yoga 101 for Men Series w/ Robert Sidoti

This Yoga 101 for Men program is designed for men who are either brand new or very new to yoga. While it may seem that yoga is geared toward women, it truly is for everyone and the classes in this foundational program are designed for the male body and perspective.

Yoga can help men in a variety of ways including an increase strength, endurance, and flexibility. It also provides pain relief, injury prevention and recovery, and gives you a better and more confident posture. Yoga can also help men with the stresses of modern life, as there are an array of mental health benefits that include an increase in focus, stress release, and an overall boost in mood. Simply put, yoga can help men feel good and improve their well-being.

The classes in this series build off of one another in order so your understanding and experience of yoga grows. Upon completing this 5-class series you will have a solid foundation of yoga and be ready to take many more classes. All classes in this series are less than 40-minutes long, making it both a thorough foundational course at a reasonable time commitment.

Robert Sidoti is an experienced yoga instructor who has specialized in making yoga accessible to men. With his commitment to promoting men’s health and deep love of yoga, Robert is known as a passionate, innovative, and skilled teacher of energetic, fun, challenging, and mildly addictive classes.

  • Men who want to learn yoga and start their practice
  • Any age or body type
  • Men who want to feel stronger, more mobile, and less stressed

  • Five 40-minute foundational yoga classes for men
  • Classes that will give you a strong understanding and foundation of yoga
  • Yoga that is designed for the male body and perspective


Full Program
5-Day Yoga 101 for Men Series
$ 24.00
$ 24.00
Program Items
Day 1: Yoga 101 for Men: Begin The class works the core a bit, looks to improve mobility in the hips and spine, and gently works on flexibility in typically tight spots - this class will help you to feel so much better!
Day 2: Yoga 101 for Men: Welcome Back This class can have a significant impact on ones energy, strength, flexibility and overall outlook on life - the language, postures and overall presentation of the practice is accessible to all levels.
Day 3: Yoga 101 for Men: Getting Stronger This class will challenge you a bit more than days 1 and 2 - it has some Sun Salutations, traditional standing poses, core work and more..enjoy!
Day 4: Yoga 101 for Men: Becoming a Priority This class will work on your hips, tone and strengthen your core, strengthen your legs, twist and rotate your spine in good healthy ways, and hopefully challenge you in a good and positive way!
Day 5: Yoga 101 for Men: You're the Man Combined in this class are some of the core work you've worked on in the previous 4 days - mobility drills and poses, standing poses, some HIIT and more! Hopefully this series has been useful and helpful in building a strong positive relationship with yourself!