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Sanity Sanctuary

We here at know how hectic life becomes during holidays, and well, anytime of year! Sometimes you could really use a shot of adrenaline or a warm blanket and a teddy bear to make it through. At the very least, you could use a rejuvenating yoga class or a calming meditation practice. to the rescue! We’ve compiled a special collection of fifteen of our top classes with your favorite instructors to help you find relief and refuge during life's most hectic and chaotic times. Maintain your sanity with daily doses of yoga and/or meditation to combat fatigue and stress.

  • Intermediate through advanced students
  • Anyone feeling stressed out
  • Those who need to relax
  • People who need to blow off some steam

  • How to let go off stress through yoga
  • A diverse package of high-quality yoga from top teachers
  • A large selections of classes to keep your practice consistent for a long time


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Sanity Sanctuary
$ 60.00
$ 60.00
Program Items
Kundalini Yoga for Everybody: Quick Tune Up Try this short, effective, and to the point sequence of exercises and meditation for a well-rounded quick practice to tone your body, deepen your breath, and center your mind.
Reset Refuge: Bliss Out and Be Blessed In this class, you'll combine a gentle flow with hip openers, twists, self massage, pranayama and mudra to enhance the well-being of mind, body and soul.
Absolution Flow: Breathe Yourself Awake This class is a vigorous, celebratory, mixed-level Vinyasa practice that builds good heat and culminates in a simple, but powerful, Warrior-based mandala - designed for clearing the stuckness, tonifying the body.
Gentle Hatha Yoga 6: Relax and Renew This class is designed for any level of practitioner that desires a slower paced, relaxing, and inspiring yoga class.
Toxic Twist Twists cleanse the kidneys and the liver, and they're abound in this class - in many variations - and we hold them for a long time.
Flow Your Blues Away This flow-based class offers you the chance to peel back layers -- physical, mental, and emotional -- and contribute to something different.
Reset & Rejuvenate Flow This invigorating, rejuvenating flow acts as a reset button to clear out the internal debris and leave you feeling lighter, stronger and more joyful.
Keep Calm & Flow On This class will challenge you with constant movement and remind you to keep the breath as your anchor - keep calm and flow on!
Candlelight Healing Meditation This meditation practice allows for healing to occur in every area, in a self-directed way so that you are the source of your own wellbeing.
Yoga to Unwind This class will open up the hips, quads, and hamstrings, and do some gentle twisting to rinse tightness and stress away.
It's Been a Long Day This class is designed to help you swtich off after a long day at work to help soothe your mind and release your body.
Fitness 'n' Yoga: Jump Switch Flow This class is fun and energetic sequence that will improve your core and cardio strength.
Therapeutic Yoga for Wrists, Shoulders and Neck With gentle, delicious movements and stretches for your wrists, shoulders and neck, this class is therapeutic and calming as well as energizing.
Freedom of Mind in a Bind In this class we explore and question the role that binds play in our everyday life - prepare to twist, move, sweat and smile.
Chakra Restorative Workshop This chakra restorative class will take you through each of the seven energy centers with seven restorative poses that allow you to move more deeply into your energetic and emotional bodies.