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Restorative Class - 60:00
$ 9.95
Energizing Class - 60:00
$ 9.95
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YogaFit Seniors


This amazingly beneficial workout is designed to increase muscular strength, flexibility and improve a sense of balance and confidence for all active seniors. A daily YogaFit practice for older adults may prevent falls and other debilitating conditions such as high blood pressure or obesity, and improves mental clarity, joint health and your sense of overall wellness. The program includes variety and offers modifications of all poses, with individualized safe and effective workout tips for seniors at any fitness level. A daily Yogafit practice will keep aging at bay, and transform a negative approach to life about aging into a positive one- leading to good health habits, feelings of vitality and energy, and a renewed zest for life!

• Two Class Formats, Restorative and Energizing
• Based on YogaFit's Three Mountain Format of warm up, work & cool down all of which incorporate the safety principles of alignment.
• Simplifies yoga movements so ALL participants can practice successfully.
• Offers the use of props and offers participants the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of yoga.
• Includes modifications for added protection of the knees, back, shoulders and neck.
• All postures demonstrated by instructors so you can follow along and preform accurately.

Props needed: chair and strap

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