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45 min class (45:00)
$ 7.95
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YogaFit Prenatal


This class is appropriate for all fitness levels and pregnant women throughout every stage of pregnancy.

Strength, conditioning and flexibility will be enhanced while the common aches and pains of pregnancy may be alleviated. Remembering the Essence of Yogafit and with an emphasis on honoring the body throughout pregnancy, participants are encouraged to rest when needed and understand the sensations in their body. This focus on the baby, body and breath gives the mother valuable tools that will be helpful during labor, delivery and beyond. Yogafit's healthy and hearty Prenatal practice is perfect to incorporate into every day that you're pregnant in order to maintain strength and flexibility as well as soothe daily anxieties and the little aches and pains that often accompany nine months of pregnancy. Certified prenatal instructor, Jules Schmidt have nearly two decades of experience teaching pregnant women.

Other benefits of YogaFit's Prenatal workout:

• Improve posture and total back strength
• Focus on mother-baby bonding through the breath
• Increase focus and stamina for labor, delivery and beyond
• Boost circulation, digestive processes and overall health

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