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60 min class (1:00:00)
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Yoga for Beginners - video class

Jackie Casal Mahrou

This is the video version for our Yoga for Beginners class. There are also audio versions w/ PDF pose guides available here.

This is an absolute beginner yoga class and is perfect for those who are completely new to yoga. The class begins with a small amount of calming breathwork designed to quiet the mind and prepare you for class. Then you move through a few warm up poses and into Sun Salutation A. Next is a balancing sequence along with some other basic yoga poses, and then a Sun Salutation B series.

The class is very basic, slow-paced and easy to follow. Just be careful because once you master this class you will be hooked and ready to move on to other YogaDownload classes! Enjoy!

**This class is also part of our Beginner Yoga Packages!

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