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Back Health - 22:00
$ 5.99
Basics Routine - 55:00
$ 9.99
Both Classes - 1:17:00
$ 11.99
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Basics and Back Health


These classes are guaranteed to not only kickstart your yoga practice but protect your back, flatten your abs and boost your athletic performance for many other activities. On the Basics routine (55 minutes), you will learn safe and efficient yoga warm-ups, plus a fun flowing body-sculpting sequence, followed by a soothing cooldown using our favorite YogaFit poses.

On Back Health (22 minutes), YogaFit instructor and physical therapist will teach you how to prevent back pain by strengthening your core, hip and glute muscles AND by improving your posture. Exercise modifications are offered for all fitness levels.

This DVD is highly recommended for the Level 1 and Anatomy & Alignment teacher trainings.

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