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20 min class (20:00)
$ 3.99
30 min class (30:00)
$ 4.99
30 min class #2 (30:00)
$ 4.99
45 min class (45:00)
$ 5.99
60 min class (1:00:00)
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75 min class (1:15:00)
$ 7.99
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Power Yoga 2

Natalie Maisel

This is an intermediate to advanced Power Yoga / Ashtanga Yoga fusion class brought to you by Natalie Maisel. This class is a great way to build your yoga practice as modifications and variations are given throughout so that you can choose your intensity level.

This is an amazing and thorough class that will take you to new levels in your yoga practice!

This class has undertones of Ashtanga Yoga and practitioners from this style will find the class familiar, yet refreshingly new and adventurous.

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