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Samhain Ritual (31:05)
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Samhain Ritual

Natalie Maisel

Samhain is a Celtic word meaning, “summer’s end." Its origin dates back to Pagan times when the passing of the dead was greatly revered. Huge bonfires were lit to honor the birth of the winter season. Samhain was considered the night of death and was a time to acknowledge those who died during the year. Pagans called this the Festival of the Dead. People celebrated their loved one’s passing and still believed that they aided them from the Otherworld. Samhain is a powerful time to deal with the issue of death, which many find difficult. During Samhain, the veil between the worlds is thin and the spirits of the dead may rejoin their loved ones.

This ritual will include a guided meditation into a sacred, autumn grove to reflect on the gifts and memories of a dearly departed loved one, and a chance to meet them again in the spirit realm. You will be invited to leave food and drink for them, as was customary in ancient times.

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