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Pilated Fit II - 65:00
$ 9.95
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Pilates Fit II


Total Core Control
This intermediate/advanced class begins with a traditional YogaFit warm-up to prepare the body for the work to come. Sun Salutations follow, with an option for using the core ball for more power. The work phase includes Warrio and Twisted Warrior flows, bound poses, as well as core strengthening planks and much more. Finishing class with more core work in a variety of positions, then deep stretches to bring the body into relaxation.

This class utilizes the YogaFit Core Ball. If you use this call you'll feel a deeper contraction in the abdominals and thighs while imporving your balance, coordination and mental focus. Feel the smooth transitions from strengthening yoga postures into pilates based sculpting moves for a complete full body workou.
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Featuring Rose Zahn

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