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Core Power - 30:00
$ 6.95
Power PilatesFit - 45:00
$ 7.95
Full Class - 75:00
$ 9.95
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Pure Power


Amazing... 2 full-body workouts for the price of 1! And each of these stand-alone routines zeroes in on America's number one frustrating trouble spot: those frustrating belly bulge!

Workout #1 - Core Power: Strengthen your waistline, hips and core while you simultaneously develop healthy back muscles using the patented YogaFit Core Ball. As founder of YogaFit, Beth Shaw will flow through these powerful yoga sequences to not on;y strengthen and stabilize the spine, but sculpt the sexiest six-pack ever. Perform this routine three times a week to totally transform your middle. Running time 30 minutes. Click here to purchase a Core Ball from YogaFit

Workout #2 - Power PilatesFit: Bump up your fast-working PilatesFit practice to the next level with a non-stop fusion Power PilatesFit workout. In just one or two sessions, you will absolutely feel your entire body getting stronger and firmer as you sweat through standing, kneeling, plank, prone and supine positions. Strengthen your abdominals, lower back, torso, arms and legs for maximum results! Running time 45 minutes.

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