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25 min. class (25:00)
$ 3.99
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Moon Salutations Flow

Lisa Richards

Moon Salutations, called Chandra Namaskar, are a variation of the classic Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar) and are designed to be relaxing and restorative for the body and mind. The Moon is of particular importance in Hatha Yoga as "ha" means sun and "tha" means moon. Hatha Yoga then is meant to bring unity and balance between these two opposites. While the sun it warming and invigorating, the moon is cooling and calming and these salutations are meant to celebrate and promote all that the moon has to offer.

This amazing class is great for any time of day, but is especially beneficial when performed in the evening as the series of poses is designed to calm the mind and relax every muscle in the body.

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