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Yoga for Depression and Anxiety (1:18:16)
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Yoga for Depression and Anxiety

Ira Israel

“Yoga for Depression and Anxiety” includes a discussion of how our minds function and how yoga treats depression and anxiety; a 75 minute all-level vinyasa flow yoga class specifically designed to cultivate peace of mind follows.

Peer Reviews:
"Through Ira's intelligent and contemporary voice, he is uniquely able to communicate traditional mind/body practices, making yogic philosophies and modern day psychology a natural blend that is necessary for Self-awareness and transcendence to occur. He understands that healing is not possible without awareness and as a yogi and therapist is skilled at guiding his students and clients to richly explore the depths of their inner lives and relationship to Mystery while also staying firmly rooted in the here and now. I recommend Ira's work. He is a relatable and caring presence whose skill comes from self-experience as well as education." ~ Seane Corn

"Ira is the brightest, most culturally sophisticated yoga instructor I have ever met. He is able to integrate the material and spiritual worlds like no other. A real treat to take yoga from an iconoclastic genius." ~ Tom Morley

"I would be hard pressed to name a yoga teacher who has worked harder to perfect his craft than Ira. Over the years he has accumulated an impressive array of skills and developed a keen insight into the human condition." ~ Richard Rosen

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