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Cycle Yoga: HIIT & Flow

Ben Davis

Cycle Yoga: HIIT and Flow is a 30-minute cycle ride followed by a 30-minute yoga class. This video will give you the perfect balance of cardio, flexibility and strength.

The main focus of the cycle portion of this video is cycling with the rhythm of the music. As you make your way through the class you will be given verbal cues to help you set the tempo of your legs. After setting the tempo of your legs you will set your bike resistance to match your speed. Once the balance of speed and resistance is achieved you will progress through a cycle of resistance oriented intervals to help increase your power and strength. Get ready to groove as you move to the rhythm of the music!

Following the cycle ride is a 30-minute yoga class. The yoga section of this video consists of a warrior flow designed to help you lightly tone and gently stretch your body bringing you back into balance.


Bike setup:

1. Seat height is determined by the extension of the legs. Full extension of the legs with a slight bend to prevent hyperextension. At the bottom of the pedal stroke, the knee should be in the middle of the pedal.

2. Handle bar height is at seat height or slightly higher.

3. Space between handlebar and seat is determined by placing the palms of the hands on the front of the handlebar and as you pedal your knees should be relatively under your elbows.

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