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December Teacher of the Month - Noemi Nuñez

Posted on 12/7/2015 by YogaDownload .com in YDL Teacher of the Month Noemi Nuñez Bilingual Yoga

Meet our December YogaDownload Teacher of the Month, Noemi Nuñez! Noemi is passionate yoga instructor who teaches Vinyasa yoga in both English and Spanish, as well as her very own unique style, Bilingual Yoga, that bridges the gap between languages. With a background in dance and gymnastics, she weaves together grace, flow, balance and strength in her classes. Noemi believes that yoga can be life-changing, and encourages her students to connect with magic and transformation of yoga. Read on to learn more about Noemi!

When did you start practicing yoga?
Well, technically you could say that the asana part of my yoga practice began when I initiated my gymnastics and dancing training when I was 5 years old, however, in a true contextual framework of the 8 yoga limb path, I began my devoted and consistent practice in 2010, prompted by two motor-vehicle accidents as a form of self rehabilitation as well as to treat my chronic stress due to my professional legal career.

What has yoga brought to your life?
A brand new life and an improved version of myself! Moreover, a transition into a new life permeated by: Overarching and general Balance! An overall feeling of being grounded, constantly humbled on my mat and off it, and lastly but not least, a daily child-like amazement in all aspects and facets of this earthly journey. 

Why did you become a yoga instructor?
I was requested to do so by my local yoga community and was granted a scholarship as an incentive to embark upon this quest, as you can imagine I was ultimately compelled. Thus, after a significant loss, namely the death of my mother, I decided to teach yoga in a revolutionary and meaningful way, partly in her honor. So, I developed a pioneering bilingual class format to serve my local community composed of both the Hispanic and Latino demographics, as well as the Spanish language immersion native English speakers alike. 

What impact can a regular yoga practice have on a person's life?
Well, it can be life-changing to say the least! The eight limb yoga practice is truly a lifestyle, so we are not only addressing diverse physical, emotional and mental ailments such as a better night of sleep, overarching control of anxiety and stress issues, improved physical flexibility, strength and balance but you also delve into meditation, breathing exercise and techniques. In addition, the rest of the limbs which are of a spiritual disciplinary nature such as self-restraint, contentment, non-violence, etc. elevate your consciousness altogether. The path of yoga is one of ever enriching experiences which if open to those offerings throughout your journey, consequentially you are gifted with an improved outlook of life, the sky is literally the limit of your personal growth whatever focus you chose to concentrate on.  

What advice would you give to someone that is just starting yoga?
Stay present, listen to your body, allow the breath to be your guru, let go of ego, competition or comparison and expectations. Be compassionate and playful; moreover be devoted and consistent to your studentship which eventually and hopefully turns into adhikara. Lastly, if you wish to master any powerfully inspiring asana and gain an unshakable foundation to have fun on your mat, then develop a core appreciation and invest in it daily. Trust me, just 5 minutes before or after your daily practice and you are setting yourself for success in almost any expression of the pose you attempt. 

What is special about the style of yoga you teach?
I inspire my students to discover the magic of the asana bio-mechanics with their breath as the main parameter and ultimate guide, thus together as ONE progressively we set the structure from the ground up for an ideal architectural basis to obtain our peak pose or posture deconstruction for that day’s journey on our mats, which I encourage to be taken off the mat and into the world. You have no idea how many times I have received feedback were the common denominator words are: I never knew I could do that!

What is your favorite yoga posture to teach, and why?
Actually, I do not think I have a favorite a yoga posture to teach per see, rather a category, which are arm balances, they are both deferential and confidence exhorting, really though it’s all about a genuine concoction of child-like-playfulness and vulnerability, gradually engineering your perfect architecture and a hybrid of a solid structure of both physical, mental and spiritual strength, balance and flexibility.  

Please share some words of wisdom or advice for your yoga students.
I would love for my YDL to become acquainted with one of my favorite Yogasutras, yogasutra 1.33 which is a profound aphorism that furnishes us with a perfect prescription to achieve a calm mind and an optimal state to pursue a yoga practice, through an uplifted outlook:
“In order to preserve an elevated state of mind, be happy for those who are happy, cultivate compassion for those who are sad, feel delight for those deemed to be lucky, and experience indifference toward those perceived to be wicked”

Do you have a favorite quote you'd like to share?
One of my preferred ones is by Albert Einstein, it goes as follows:
“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it”
…Thus confirming the benefits of a consistent and devoted yoga practice!

What do you like to do "off the mat"?
I like to believe I spend the majority of my time trying to the best of my abilities to make a difference, that I contribute to the vibrational elevation of my community in different areas with my legal advocacy in immigration and environmental issues. I am also obsessed with craft beer in every aspect and love having it as a recovery drink after my yoga practice, I am an avid junkie of any thought provoking art of any discipline so we may run into many local events or museums, etc; and lastly I try to ride my bike as much as possible even-though I have already experienced a couple of accidents as an urban cyclist, nobody is convincing me to relinquish the habit.    

Noemi is a Renaissance Woman, she’s blessed with wearing many hats, among those: Immigration Attorney, Environmental Activist, Craft Beer Geek & Judge, Handpan-Drum Player, Middle-Eastern Dance Performer, former Competitive Gymnast and her favorite hat as of late: Multilingual Yoga Instructor! As such, Noemi caters to your individual needs utilizing her richly varied skill-set and training. If you are looking for an alignment based practice with creative sequencing, fun transitions that nourishes both body and mind, while intelligently deconstructing postures in each class safely aided by props, along with soul-quenching philosophy and yogic mythology, sprinkled with breath facilitation and meditation…then allow Noemi, the Renaissance yogini to be of service to you! 

Try one of Noemi's classes on YogaDownload today!  



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