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4 Benefits of Doing a Yoga Challenge
4 Benefits of Doing a Yoga Challenge
The seasons are changing. Whether it’s Autumn or Spring in your hemisphere, it’s September and it’s time to align yourself with nature. Choosing to make a deliberate shift now will give you extra power to transform your life or at least your yoga practice. Our two-week FREE challenge is designed to help you release the past and create space for the future. Autumn commemorates letting go and Spring welcomes the blossoming of new energy. Join fellow yogis from around the globe and let’s transform together. Why participate in a yoga challenge? We all know change isn’t easy and having the support of thousands of other yogis will keep you on track. Here are four benefits we think you’ll resonate with: 1. Increased Strength: Not only will your quadriceps and triceps get stronger from daily practice, your brain will also get a workout.