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Rainbow Vibrancy Bowl
Rainbow Vibrancy Bowl
One of our favorite simple healthy meals is a vibrancy bowl! Vibrancy bowls are easy, quick, and make great leftovers. They combine a grain base, roasted and/or fresh veggies, and a dressing of choice. You can also add a protein of your choice for an even heartier meal! We’ve got a great how-to guide to make your own vibrancy bowl in our new cookbook, The Conscious Cleanse Cookbook. This recipe makes a hearty vegan meal that we think you’re going to love. Our Rainbow Vibrancy Bowl is a simple, (almost) one-tray meal full of good-for-you ingredients that’s perfect for dinner or lunch. It also contains beets, which means it’s a great way to check up on how efficiently your digestion is working (for more info about this, check out our blog about the Beetroot Test).