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New Moon Astrology Forecast: May 11, 2021
New Moon Astrology Forecast: May 11, 2021
Listen to the audio reading This New Moon will create a new shift in desires and ask for clarity. She is shifting the way life moves through you. The moon goes into apogee at an archetypal point on the 11th. She will carry forward 4 archetypal positions from Venus, Sun, and Mars in addition to her own. This is a strong moon and her message will carry much into our external world. The last Full Moon marked ‘go time’ a lot of forward moving energies, with the forward surge of energy this lunation is about refinement and will show what we want is always what serves. It’s important to see that the chase isn’t fruitful, it’s the dance that is fulfilling. The planetary energies will shake up inner creation, inner realization of creative powers, and yes shake away the chase. Be mindful of your play in the worldly. The moon will highlight disillusionment, wasted energy, and for many of you lead you to fulfillment by the way of dissatisfaction. Dissatisfaction being the causation to pivot to what matters most.