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3 Amazing Vegan Recipes with a Matcha Touch
3 Amazing Vegan Recipes with a Matcha Touch
Matcha tea lends itself to some very healthy and tasty vegan recipes. A single cup of matcha reportedly has antioxidants equivalent to what you’ll find in 10 cups of green tea. The antioxidant EGCG brings about a sense of calm alertness, and there have been studies that show that show its ability to inhibit the growth of cancer cells. Greens like matcha are also recommended as a natural ingredient in hair fall remedies. Here are some very vegan but delicious recipes you can prepare with matcha: Recipe 1 – Matcha Vegan Yogurt Breakfast Bowl ​ Probiotic vegan yogurt is a really healthy and tasty proposition. Probiotics in yogurt strengthen the immune system and are great for maintaining healthy intestines. Probiotic vegan yogurt is high in protein content too. Add matcha, some blood orange slices, maple syrup and walnuts and the health and taste quotients shoot up.