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Full Moon Astrology Forecast: April 26, 2021
Full Moon Astrology Forecast: April 26, 2021
This Full Moon marks the movement of new energy into new life and new creations. It’s go time. The energy enshrouding this lunation is putting action and impulse forward. This moon has heavy Martian influence and those fiery impulses are fanned by North Node, Rahu. This is going to bring lifeforce, directive, and power into your higher desires and inner pursuits. The moon goes into full pedigree in Libra. It rises late on the 26th and into the 27th. The subtle energies acting behind the scenes are giving this Full Moon a unique personality. The aspects of Rahu and Mars will push the karmic wheel, in many ways. As my readings focus on the spiritual and personal use of the cosmic energies I want to note that there is a karmic retribution occurring during this month. Many of you will befall rewards, projects will move forward, new creative pursuits will be illuminated for your gifts and/or fulfill other aspects of desires and destiny. There will be a natural equalizing energy. Let it balance out, natural order is guiding this-no effort needed.