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Avocado Cream Pizza Topping
Avocado Cream Pizza Topping
Today I am sharing a different idea for you to try out on your next pizza evening. My aunt has a wonderful summerhouse and a few years back we built a wood pizza oven there that takes several hours to heat up and bakes the most amazing pizzas in very high heat. So every time I visit, there is pizza. A lot of it! This time I made a nice sourdough base, but I am not sharing the dough recipe with you as it takes around a week to make (assuming that you don’t already have a sourdough starter living in your fridge). Obviously, you also don’t need to spend an entire weekend building an oven. Your regular pizza base recipe and the regular oven will be totally okay to use. As always, we had a ton of veggies, different cheeses, and other toppings to play around with so everyone can make their own pizza exactly how they like it.