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I Am Content

I Am Content

After all, things were too complicated when I wanted to do it all. Then, I started needing less than easy– I just needed simple. While traveling and living abroad, I’ve come to recognize the simplest joys and grander challenges of this life. One of the most important things I’ve learned is that making time for love of the world and people needs to be made a priority, not only in my life but everyone else’s. 

I’ve had so many moments that have spoken to this. I’m so grateful for them because they’ve brought abundance and clarity into my life. I realize that there is work to be done in understanding what is around us but also within. Because of these moments, I have doubt but no fear. I no longer feel limited by what people think or fall into what society says we need to think, feel or do.

Now, I can be content with all that is before me. Now, I direct my energy towards sufficiency. Now, I see and act on the value of the closest friends that have remained and family that is still there for me. Now, I can commit to doing something, if anything in the best of intentions. Now, its about WHY and not WHAT. Now, if that doesn’t work then it is just that and nothing more to find wrong with it.

That’s all there is to learning life-long contentment. That’s it. Find something that is bigger than you, letting it resonate within. Then, if you’re going to do something about it, choose to do it wholeheartedly and do it well. There is peace with it being enough.


By: Sunny Koh


Sunny has been teaching yoga since 2011. After spending a couple years abroad as an English teacher, she is sharing her passion for yoga as a traveling instructor and writer. Currently, she teaches and writes about yoga in Costa Rica. She also enjoys photography, learning new languages, surfing and exploring. To get to know Sunny better, go to

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