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Forget Your Habits! (The Power of Ritual)

Forget Your Habits! (The Power of Ritual)

For years and years I would grit my teeth and try and be different-- healthier, stronger, more powerful, more feminine, more hygienic, less procrastinatory (woah that’s actually a word?). It would work, but only for awhile. Some things would stick, while some wouldn’t. I tried to systematize my business forever, with basically no luck.

Like the good straight-A student I was, my first line of defense has always been RESEARCH! Can’t make habits stick? Better google, read books, watch videos, sign up for programs to help, RIGHT?

What that resulted in was I now understand a LOT about the psychology of habits, why we resist new ones, how to create them, etc. And you know what? It still came down to if it didn’t feel fun or I didn’t get an immediate benefit, I just didn’t end up sticking with it. Some may call that lazy, but I realized that if it didn’t feel good, why do it?

Still, things need to get done. Dishes, responding to emails, paying bills, sending invoices-- we can’t just choose to stop doing all the stuff that isn’t always so fun.

What we CAN do is change the way we experience those things. We can choose the approach we want, and we can create support in our bodies, in our environment, and in our thoughts around what we are doing. That’s why the power of ritual is so important. 

A lot of times on New Year's, we have goals and ambitions to create changes in our lives. Instead of going full-steam ahead, I've found that the secret way to having a successful year and resolutions is to create a ritual out of everything. Everything from brushing your teeth to driving your kids to school can be ritualized. What's different between a habit and a ritual is that a ritual is sacred. No matter where you are and what you're doing, you can create that specialness and magic in your experience.

So how do you create a ritual? Set an intention for everything you're doing. Ground yourself in your intentions. Feel it in your body, first and foremost and don't just say it in your mind or words. It can make a difference for those of you that resist tasks and responsibilities. Get yourself in a place of feeling good before you do that thing and then see what happens.

I would love to know- what can you ritualize in your life? Where can you create space for sacredness and intentionality?


Kate- Marolt

Equal parts earth mama, mermaid, and magic glitter, Kate Marolt is an embodiment coach, speaker, yoga teacher, and founder of Unbound Living. Kate is a fierce advocate for women’s empowerment and wisdom, and with over 1000 hours of training in yoga, fitness, energy, philosophy, spiritual practices, and emotional processing tools, she is uniquely placed to guide you back into alignment, integration, and wholeness. Kate is dedicated to helping you understand your body’s messages and inner wisdom so you can feel ALIVE, joyful, and free to be exactly who you are, inside and out.


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