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Yoga Rocks: How Yoga Changes Lives

Yoga Rocks: How Yoga Changes Lives

We here at believe yoga can provide even more—yoga can change your life. And, not just because you can touch your toes or stand on your head for twenty minutes. We’re talking a true transformation with pranayama and meditation from the inside out, and asana as the tool to transform from the outside in.

Here are five life-changing rewards of yoga to rock your world:

1. Intuition/self-awareness: Yoga is about becoming the best version of yourself, not becoming somebody different. It’s a process of learning to tune in and trust your thoughts and feelings and pay attention to what makes your heart sing. Each time you step onto the mat, you have the chance to hone your gut instincts and your sense of intuition.

2. Increased confidence and self-esteem: Practicing yoga helps you get in tune with your deeper self. A good teacher will encourage you to shed the layers of self-protection and fear. When you start to accept and love yourself for who you are at your deepest level, without conditions, your confidence shines from within.

3. Connection: As you evolve in your yoga practice, you become more connected to your own heart and mind. Then, you are able to foster connection with other people, with nature, and ultimately with the universe.

4. Healing: Utilizing all these principles, yoga can be a way to heal yourself—physically, emotionally, and mentally. So, whether you suffer from illness, injuries or addiction issues, use yoga to move toward more vibrant health. Whether that means making healthier choices or doing all you can in your power to stay healthy, yoga can change your life. Use your practice to empower yourself.

5. Be Present: Finally, yoga can change your life by reminding you each day that yesterday is gone, tomorrow is another day and today is an opportunity to be present. Live for now and attune to the rhythm of life.

Try one of our newest releases today and let yoga rock your world and change your life!

Eric Paskel / EP's Yoga Rocks Bootcamp

Yoga Rocks Bootcamp is unlike any yoga class you have taken. It is a symphony of movement and messaging. From vinyasa flow to cardio, YRB takes you on a full body journey. The class is for those who want to sweat, play, and get out of the "box". The best part is that it's an "As is " class. This means the way you are right now will be all you need to enjoy it!

All the videos produced in this series are part of Eric Paskel's "As is" Yoga. A style of yoga that loves you and has you loving yourself as you are.

Guru Jagat / Kundalini Yoga for Everybody: Emotional Balance

Kundalini Yoga and Meditation is a fast acting technology for dramatic transformation. Kundalini Yoga works directly with the glandular and endocrine systems to impact brain chemistry and create lasting physiological change. This short but profound set will work up sweat, jumpstart your metabolism and digestion, tone your internal organ system, and leave you feeling revved up and fabulous!

Becca Riopelle / HardCORE Yoga with Weights 3

Prepare for another full body workout party! You will sweat, tone, and burn in all the right places and utilize a variety of strengthening and plyometric routines. You're going to love it!

Celest Pereira / Fast and Furious

This class is a tough one. Lots of fun tricks so you can play, work up a sweat and enjoy the intensity. If you're working towards these crazy poses then take it at your own pace and remember, the more you practice the easier it becomes.


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