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What is GPS Consciousness?

What is GPS Consciousness?

It’s always a joke to people outside the yoga world that so many yogis and meditators could be so devoted to their daily practice and still be so neurotic. But look around – it’s true, isn’t it? Embarrassingly so. And yet we show up daily to work out our neurosis through yoga and meditation. What could be the problem?

I feel this neurosis springs from our fear of life passing us by before we’ve really locked in to the experience of it.

And yet, why should life be just out of reach when we’re so present to the desire?


Why is that epic destiny we know we’re meant for always out there and never right here? Did we make a wrong turn somewhere? Maybe we need to check our navigation app.

And therein lays the pit: GPS CONCIOUSNESS.

GPS Consciousness – a term coined by my teacher Guru Jagat – refers to the lazy method of navigating the world, the one in which you can’t find your way to your own mailbox without a smartphone app barking orders at you. Yes – it has gotten that bad. And GPS Consciousness also refers to a psychology where you can’t navigate the pathways of your existence without checking in with an external directional command.

It’s a kind of psychology in which we define our priorities by the value system of Kim Kardashian or the latest “It girl.” And it’s a method of being in which we seek our destinies in the examples laid out to us by others –celebrities, religious authorities, parents, community elders or even just peers with higher status then our own.

This is GPS Consciousness. And this method of living will never yield the magical, rare, exhilarating life you’ve got the hunger for. That’s why it’s time to eff your GPS!

And now is the perfect time to do so.

As we turn from fall to winter, the nights are longer and there is literally less visible distraction. It’s a cyclically easier time to go within and develop what Guru Jagat calls, your Intuitive Guidance System. Where you begin to navigate the streams of life based on a sensory, internal estimation of things.

This is one of the reasons I love and teach Kundalini Yoga. In literally three minutes, you can reactivate your intuitive being – through glandular balance, sensory synchronicity and a clear mind. The results of living life this way are magical.

Try it. You’ll like it. And then you’ll start living.



Harmanjot Kaur is a lover of the cosmos, bad comedies, high-end health-food, beauty and the compassionate space of metaphysics. She is a lead Kundalini teacher at the RA MA Institute in Venice, CA. When teaching or writing, she is crafting her own beauty products or reading the works of high masters and dwelling in the rarified consciousness. 

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