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Victorious is Glorious! Carpe Diem!

Victorious is Glorious! Carpe Diem!


The definition of Carpe Diem according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary is the enjoyment of the pleasures of the moment without concern for the future.

Do you think these athletes are thinking about anything else except for being in the moment and doing what they’ve worked so hard to do for four years or longer? When they are flipping off of the parallel bars or sprinting down the track, what is in their minds?

Many athletes will say they get into the zone. A place where nothing else matters except for being present and exerting 100% of their efforts and energy. When they are actually competing, they aren’t hoping for a Wheaties box cover, they aren’t wondering if they’ll be on the podium with a medal, they are simply in the moment, living their dream.

Being present in the moment is a form of victory. A form of glory. Being able to shut out distractions, not worry about the end result and just lose yourself in the moment is truly seizing the day. Carpe diem.

So, can you be the Olympic athlete on your yoga mat? Not worrying about striking the perfect pose. Not concerned about what others around you are doing. Instead, you’re so focused on your breath and your movement, that you reach the meditative state of Dhyana or absorption. Patanjali describes Dhyana in Chapter III, verse one of the Yoga Sutras as the “binding consciousness to a single spot.”

Just as the Olympian is singularly focused, all of us can find that moment or moments of being fully present. It’s a meditative state. Definitely victorious.

No gold medal required.


Check out this week's yoga classes for more ways to reach your full potential:


Claire Petretti Marti / Simple, Not Easy Flow

This class reflects that philosophy with a medium-paced flow, lots of Warrior poses, balance and strength work--simple and challenging, but not boring or easy. You'll be able to focus on your breath and movement and create a stronger you from the outside in with the asana (postures) and the inside out with your steady pranayama (breath control.) 

Ben Davis / Fitness 'n' Yoga: Mandala of the Victorious Warrior

A powerful flow that evokes focus and presence as you journey in a circle on your mat. "When you begin your transcendental training, focusing your best efforts, without attachment to outcomes, you will understand the peaceful warrior's way." Ultimately a victorious warrior is a peaceful warrior claiming victory while traveling the path of non-violence. 

Shy Sayar / Slow Flow: Warrior II 

Join Yoga Therapist Shy Sayar for this powerful slow flow, building proper technique, alignment and strength for poses in the family of Warrior II - including triangle, side angle and half moon. Prepare to sweat, and enjoy a workout for both your body and your intelligence! 

Celest Pereira / Yoga for Strength and Focus

This is a great class if you are looking to feel strong in your body and focused in your mind. This class has a fun relaxed vibe where you can expect to flow with your breath.



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