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5 Reasons Everyone Needs Yoga

5 Reasons Everyone Needs Yoga

1. Yoga elevates our vibration

We’re all essentially beings of vibration. Some of our frequencies are lower or higher than others, and with steady practice, yoga will raise those vibrational frequencies to new healthier and happier heights. We all affect ourselves and those around us with our positive or negative vibes. Why not raise those vibes via the yogic path? We’ll have a much more beautiful and loving world when we do!

2. Yoga gets us in touch with our true nature

Our society is largely driven by the personality, the ego. It’s all about external power – money, greed, materialism, using strangers and even our loved ones. We’re so out of touch with our true nature – our heart and soul. We all have this inner core – the unshakeable center that knows only unconditional love. Yoga helps us peel back the many egoic layers until we can access that point of goodness and love. This is our source. It’s where we all come from. Imagine what a wonderful world it would be if every human was truly connected to their Buddha nature?

3. Yoga helps maintain healthy bodies

Every one of us are in a physical body, and our bodies are slowly decaying. Even the healthiest among us will experience the ills of the aging process, and even children have physical health issues due to the way we Westerners sit in chairs and cars and hover over computers and other devices throughout the day. But in comes yoga, and suddenly we have a tool for reversing tight hips or healing the body from injury. As all of us age, yoga helps us maintain a body that we can all feel comfortable in well into our older years.

4. Yoga is accessible to everyone

“The beauty of yoga is that it can be tailored to suit every single person on the planet,” says Shane Perkins, lead teacher trainer at the Yandara Yoga Institute in Baja, Mexico. “There are modifications and contraindications for just about everything.” Shane’s right. If you’re in a wheelchair, no problem, you can still do yoga. Pregnant? There are actually special classes for expecting women. Nowadays, yoga has been studied and refined to the point that the practice is suitable for every physical body among us. There’s no one who can’t do yoga.

5. Yoga promotes awareness

We are a planet in need of more awareness, and yoga helps us cultivate that. Most of us know that our environment, and every species in our eco-system is suffering. We need more awareness to evolve into a planet of compassion, love and wisdom if we’re going to survive and thrive with grace. If everyone practiced yoga, this evolution would be inevitable, and it’s exactly what we need at this time in history. 


By Aimee Hughes N.D.

Aimee Hughes, ND, is a holistic health writer who has been traveling and exploring the world of natural health and wellness, yoga, dance, and travel for the past two decades. She is the author of a self-published vegan cookbook, The Sexy Vegan Kitchen: Culinary Adventures in Love & Sex,” available on Amazon. Aimee is the lead writer and health consultant for the Yandara Yoga Institute in Todos Santos, Mexico. []

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