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Trust More, Fear Less: Arm Balance + Inversion Classes are Here
Trust More, Fear Less: Arm Balance + Inversion Classes are Here

Arm balances aren’t just a physical act of strength, but a great workout to flex our muscle of trust in the face of fear. They teach us how to be vulnerable, even when gravity is working against us.  They also connect us to our core, both physical, and our core belief in our selves.
So today, choose ‘I can’ over ‘I could never.’ If you fall (rather when you fall), don’t worry, that’s just exercise in grace, humility and resilience.


It may get uncomfortable, it won’t be perfect, but with a little courage and willingness to take a chance, your limits will begin to fall away.

Interesting Asanas with Celest Pereira
Charter into the unknown with the expert guidance of Celest Pereira through this yoga flow featuring less common postures featured in online yoga -- the perfect session for yogis looking to change it up with a little challenge and fun.
Arm Balancing Flow: Funky Transitions with Jill Pedroza
Jill will guide you through a fun and flowing Vinyasa class including sun salutations, hamstring & hip openers, arm balancing, and core. Bringing them all together with fun and challenging practice through transitions.
Fly with Ease with Cheryl Deer / Kindness Yoga
Grab a strap and block and explore your core power as you move into challenging postures without straining or struggling. Learn to root through your hands and rise up out of your shoulders, experimenting with arm balances and inversions without engaging in fight or flight mode.
Post Workout Yoga: Chest and Shoulders with Kylie Larson
Stretch out after your arm-balancing workout with this chest and shoulder opening class. Great for all levels to reduce the tension and tightness that can develop after a challenging upper body workout.


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