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Fearless and Radical New Beginnings: Aries New Moon (April 7, 2016)

Fearless and Radical New Beginnings: Aries New Moon (April 7, 2016)

This particular lunation has a significant relationship with the long-lasting Pluto/Uranus Square that has been in the sky for quite some time. The signature of this square is for radical transformation—the kind of shake up that requires us to rethink everything you thought you knew and get ready for some serious shift in your perception. Often times, this kind of shift happens at the worst moment, feels unplanned or unwelcome and is often quite overwhelming. The fact that this New Moon in Aries makes a direct hit with this major relationship in the sky prompts you to move toward radical transformation and choose to create a shift.
If there is something big you have been looking for an excuse to let go of, change, or transform, now is the time. The intensity of Saturn also smoothly supports the pressure you feel to move in this direction and get this done. We all know that putting things off or trying to ignore what needs to be dealt with never works. Choose this powerful new moon to create the radical change in your life that sets you up for a fresh new start on a path that is of your own making.
Alchemical Ritual for the Aries New Moon
Aries is a fire sign and is ruled by Mars, the notorious god of war. Instead of fighting others (or yourself!) for what you want, it is wise to use Mars’ powerful energy to plan and execute your strategy for ultimate gain. This is the strength of a good warrior—one who knows how to channel the fight for the most beneficial result. The fight is most often within; convincing ourselves that we need to change, shift direction or even retreat for a while. Change is difficult, but Mars energy fears nothing, and challenge is simply an opportunity to further one’s soul purpose.    
As a fire sign, the heat of Aries is perfect to catalyze a shift in consciousness. In our ritual, fire is used to invoke the energy of Aries. Gather a few candles to create a circle of flame around you. It doesn’t need to be extensive, a few tea lights are sufficient. Place something gold with you in the circle, as gold is a favorite of Aries. Illuminate and refract the gold and flame with some clear quartz or selenite to uplift and clarify your intention. Use sage, sweet grass, or palo santo to cleanse yourself and the space by casting the smoke over yourself and encircling your own body three times. Light the candles and before you step into the middle of the circle, take a moment to honor who you are now and what new beginning you start as you commence the ritual. Step into the circle and sit in quiet contemplation as you feel the warmth of the gold and flame around you. Allow this warmth to charge up your own inner fire as you repeat the following invocation:
May the energy of Mars and the New Moon in Aries fill my soul with fire and light the path ahead.
Repeat this invocation until you feel the heat and excitement welling within you. Once you do, stop for a moment and focus on the heat. Let it speak to you and tell you the next step on your sacred journey.
When complete, place your hand on your solar plexus and gather all the warmth of your inner fire at this place within your body. Now you have access to this energy any time you need it as you embark on your path. Chant Om three times and snuff the candles. As you step out of the circle and finish your ritual, you are transformed from the inside out and ready to charge forth on the next stage of your journey with renewed vigor and the support of the stars.

About the Author:

Alanna Kaivalya believes Yoga is for everyone and each student can develop the self-empowerment needed to embark on a personal journey to meaningful transformation. On this principle she founded The Kaivalya Yoga Method, a fresh take on yoga emphasizing the individual path while honoring tradition. Teaching students since 2001, teachers since 2003, Alanna has written and developed teacher trainings worldwide for top studios and independently. In January she debuted a comprehensive 200hr-online teacher training with YogaDownload. She holds a Ph.D. in Mythological Studies with an Emphasis in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute, has authored numerous articles and two books: Myths of the Asanas, an accessible practitioner’s guide to stories behind beloved poses; Sacred Sound, a yoga “hymnal,” illustrating the role of chant and mantra in modern practice. Look for her third book, Yoga Beyond the Mat, in Autumn 2016.She lives in New York City with Roxy the Wonderdog.

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