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Fuel Your Body, Pre and Post Yoga Eats

Fuel Your Body, Pre and Post Yoga Eats


What’s a yogi to do? You don’t want to eat a huge meal and feel sick during twisting triangle, but you don’t want to fall over when trying to balance in Bakasana either.

For stamina and endurance, we suggest you have an easy to digest carbohydrate-based snack, with a little protein and fat an hour or two before class.

Here are 5 great pre-class snacks to try:

1. Bananas - are potassium rich, friendly to stomach, and full of B vitamins.
2. Almonds -A small serving of raw, unsalted ones are rich in potassium, magnesium, Vitamin E and healthy fats.
3. Apple and almond butter - A filling, delicious, alkaline snack full of water and fiber.
4. An energy bar - try one with less than 250 calories, low sugar, and 4-10 grams of protein.
5. A green smoothie - Make a simple recipe with kale or spinach, ½ a banana, almond milk or coconut water and a scoop of vegan protein and ice. The greens are excellent to boost energy and the protein will keep you full. Avoid adding too much fruit or simple sugar.
Experiment and see what works for you.


After class it is important to refuel within about an hour. Seek a snack or meal with lean protein and healthy fats with less focus on carbohydrates. Protein helps your muscles to recover and if your class was a vigorous one, you’ll need it. Try a protein shake, hardboiled eggs, quinoa with vegetables, a handful of pumpkin seeds or a full meal with lean protein and green vegetables.

Set yourself up to feel strong, centered and balanced when you step onto your mat!

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