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How Yoga Has Helped Me with Uncertainty

How Yoga Has Helped Me with Uncertainty

Why the back? Last week we were “highly recommended” to vacate our house immediately due to fears of its imminent collapse.

Fine. If I can’t live in my house, I’ll live in the backyard (at least for this sunny, early spring afternoon).

The house story is a long one that won’t be going away anytime soon, unless of course the structure does collapse and then the story will evolve much more quickly.

But what it’s left me with is vast uncertainty. I’m struggling to feel focused and grounded knowing that the foundation of my home is failing.

Getting grounded in uncertainty

This is all about chakra uno, if you want to get metaphysical.

Whenever there are issues with basic needs like shelter, home, foundations, earth, this all lives in the realm of the first chakra.

Chakra one issues are a big deal because we can’t really function in the world if we don’t have our basic needs met.

And yet, the universe has a funny way of asking us to really get serious about what matters most. Do I need to live in my house? No.

Yes, I need a place to live, but it doesn’t have to be in MY HOUSE. I’m forever grateful to friends and family who are helping out and providing a bed and a functioning bathroom with running water. My basic needs are met, just not the way I might want to meet them.

Stand on your own two feet and feel the Earth beneath you. You are supported, whether it feels like it or not.

Getting outside of our comfort zone requires us to draw upon the other chakras – relationships, willpower, compassion, communication, intelligence, and surrender. While the chakras represent different qualities individually, the entire SYSTEM fosters an interconnectedness that is stronger then just one wheel turning. When out of balance, the other wheels have an internal repair mechanism that allows us to continue functioning even when one wheel is a little (or a lot) off kilter.

Finding support in community

This ordeal so far has reminded me how grateful I am for sangha, or community. My community continues to surprise and impress me.

Friends and family and community are more important then a house.

I think the universe also decided I need to get out a little more. I spend most of my days at my house. Doing work, of course, but still. Time to find other places to hang out.

What do you value most, and are you living in accord with those values? Are you prioritizing your values day-in and day-out?

Are you hiding your greatness in your office? What do you believe in and want to share with others? Or, if you’re not the sharing and caring type (yet), what do you want to learn more about? Go out there and be seen!

Yay vulnerability! I know, it’s tough.

Getting focused

My yoga and meditation practice has reminded me to focus. Focus on other things besides reading insurance policies and lawyer documents. Keep living life because life must go on.

My yoga practice has reminded me to breathe when it feels like I’m suffocating.

Just a simple breath break is enough to break a cycle of negative self-talk, too-long pity parties, and useless worrying about uncertain outcomes. The fact that we spend so much time worrying about things that may or may not even happen is pretty silly.

For me, my work helps me focus. My to-do list is a comfort. I start crossing things off. I get distracted. I pull my planner back out and look for something productive to do.

I also have changed my mind about what counts as productive. There are some other things that need to be taken care of in my life these days, like meetings with contractors and figuring out where I’m going to sleep tonight. So I get done what is immediately in front of me, focus on my work when I can, and practice compassion with myself knowing I am doing my best.

Having fun with creative thinking

When my mind does wander, because I know it will, it’s more enjoyable to stay positive. Apparently the stars are all about manifesting our thoughts right now, so whatever we’re dedicating our energy to may appear in our lives in the next 6 months. I’d much rather manifest a new house then a collapsed one.

It’s way more fun to think about building a custom home with the hundreds of thousands of dollars that are going to mysteriously windfall into my lap then the grim potential of bankruptcy or foreclosure.

I’ve often said practical thinking helps keep disappointment at bay, but real-life, big situations move beyond mere disappointment and practical thinking only seems to keep things crappy. I’m all about moving beyond the crap.

In my effort to play to my strengths, I’ve researched long-term house-sitting opportunities, pitch angles for talk show hosts and reality television, and organizations I could contact to help us through this rare, unfortunate debacle. Way more exciting then…well anything else I could be doing.

Being the warrior

I’ve always loved how strong the warrior poses make me feel. And there has never been a time in my life when I needed that warrior spirit. The battle I’m about to embark upon may be long and finicky, of the legal variety. As much as I want to be angry, that emotion hasn’t reared its head yet. Instead, I’m sad. I’m fired up. I’m uncertain.

That is a strange combination of emotion, yet a common set of experiences for a leader. I’ve always wanted to step up and lead, so now is the best time to do it.

I lead through my work helping others. I lead by showing up and teaching. I lead by being present and listening. And I lead by fighting a different fight. A fight for what is right in the right way. Intelligent. Compassionate. Values-driven. Collaborative.

True warriors are emotional at the same time that the emotions don’t get in the way of the fight.

I wanted to write something of value for you today. A “6 ways to master Blank Yoga Pose” or “The real meaning of Sutra 579812” (don’t worry there aren’t that many sutras and Blank Yoga Pose isn’t a real thing ;)). Content marketers beg bloggers who want to influence and be known to follow the rules for the best reach, social proof, and blah, blah, blah marketing jargon.

But you know what, there is nothing more valuable then understanding how yoga can be applied to the struggles of daily life.

This is my struggle and how I’m dealing with it in my best moments. There are ugly moments too.

What is your struggle and how do you choose to let yoga guide you? Send me an email or reach out on Facebook. I’d love to hear from you!


By Ashley Josephine

I started practicing yoga to stay in shape and release stress. What I learned was how to love my life. How to have faith. How to find your community of people who support you and love you unconditionally. How to get back control. Today, it is my mission to help busy Type-A overachiever women like me gain back control of their lives, live pain-free, and love the life they want to live through yoga lifestyle practices. Visit to get free yoga lifestyle tips to help live healthier, happier, and pain-free.

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