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Superfood Probiotic Vegetarian Protein Salad

Superfood Probiotic Vegetarian Protein Salad

And I’m kind of obsessed with this salad right now.  Mostly because it was insanely easy to make.  

Multiple times my husband said how amazing this salad is (and he even had a second helping – which is pretty miraculous from a guy who grew up on meat and potatoes).  One would think he married me because of my cooking abilities, but when we got married I could barely warm up a can of chili.

Don’t get me wrong, these days he’s a healthy eater and loves to make green food choices, but you have to give me props for getting a guy to transition from Idaho dinners to loving clean eating – not to mention that I now know my way around the kitchen.

So, I have a little secret about this magic salad.  It’s pretty much all from leftovers.  Sure, I chopped up some romaine lettuce and then used some spinach, but the rest, it was just hanging out in the fridge fearful of being tossed aside in the waste can.

For many people, they are working on their New Years resolutions to eat healthier or workout more, or in my case, be more patient.  But what I am truly focusing on this year is watching my consumption and waste.

I spent time this week prepping food…and we ate it.  In fact, we were eating it everyday.  But in the end I over prepped a little and we had lots of little bits of foods left.

With that I was provided the opportunity for the creation of this magical salad.  I really should have named it “Healthy Food Saved From The Trash Can”.  Somehow Superfood Probiotic Vegetarian Protein Salad seemed to be more appropriate and one you might actually want to eat.

So here are instructions from the ingredient list. 

Prep lots of healthy goodness at some point during the week.  I chose to make Sprouted Bean Trio, Roasted Root Veggies, Quinoa, Pickled Beets and Pickled Radishes.
Keep other healthy goodness on hand.  For me that was a couple options for greens (romaine and spinach) + avocados and hummus.
Grab a big platter and dish it all up.  I didn’t even need dressing because of the hummus and pickled beets – but if I’m being honest I did drizzle some extra virgin olive oil over my entire salad.
Enjoy this amazing superfood probiotic vegetarian protein salad.


So, I’ve mentioned the protein a few times (or a dozen).  That’s because I have three different proteins in this salad.  1. Hummus – I love the roasted garlic! 2.  Sprouted bean trio blend  3. Quinoa – it’s a complete protein and has all 8 essential amino acids.  Did you read that – all 8!

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By Adam Hocke

Adam has been practicing vinyasa flow yoga since 1999 and has trained extensively with Jason Crandell. He offers precise, strong, and accessible classes to physically awaken the body and develop mindfulness both on and off the mat. His teaching is down-to-earth and direct, exploring traditional practices from a modern perspective. A native of South Florida, Adam spent ten years in New York City before becoming a Londoner. He teaches studio classes, workshops and courses throughout London, and retreats across the globe. As a writer, Adam contributes regularly to magazines and web publications on yoga. Visit Adam at



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